Trackpad / Touch Pad Test Stand

Touch pad Test

This application note on the Touch Pad Test was provided by our valued supplier FUTEK and had been adapted for our blog.

Application Summary on Trackpad / Touch Pad Test Stand

It’s the weakest link that defines a whole system.  It is important to scrutinise something. as small as the sensitivity of a trackpad in order to ensure it delivers optimal performance to the end user.  For example, in this application FUTEK fixed the LSB200 onto a testing actuator to record tactile feedback.  FUTEK also used the LSB200 to run cycle test and quantify the force required to stimulate touch pad response.

Products in Use

Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell (LSB200) paired with Instrumentation (USB220)

How it works
  1. Trackpads / Touchpads are a common feature of desktop computers and laptops.
  2. A testing actuator holds FUTEK’s LSB200 in place.  As a result, users can quantify the force required to stimulate touchpad / trackpad response.
  3. During R&D, a test stand can be set up to record the force of pressing and dragging motion of a finger in relation of the position on trackpad.
  4. Automate the gantry setup to inspect each track pad during the quality checking process. As a result, users can ensure the tactile feedbacks of the trackpad are within tolerance.
  5. Users can stream the force measures to. a computer for control and analysis thanks to FUTEK’s USB solutions.

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