1553 Bus Ethernet Converter

1553 Bus Ethernet Converter

New MIL-STD- 1533 Bus Ethernet Converter with 3 or 4 Channels

 Alta’s ENETX-1553 Real-Time Ethernet Appliance Maximises 1553 Connectivity

Alta Data Technologies (Alta) announces the release of a high density, (3-4 channels) real-time 1553 Bus Ethernet converter for MIL-STD-1553: ENETX-1553. This new product offers the highest 1553 channel count ever offered in a small rugged Ethernet appliance. Alta’s ENET product family implements a FPGA thin server (no processor or operating system IP stack) for secure, real-time Ethernet-1553 UDP connectivity. In addition to 1553/ARINC controls, bus signals can be generated and captured remotely for protocol and electrical troubleshooting.

Firstly, the eNetX-1553 is a logical extension to Alta’s successful ENET product family.  Almost every avionics or communication system implements an Ethernet topology.  So now the customer can easily add 1553 connectivity with this small, rugged, low cost converter.

Most other 1553 converter products on the market are processor based.  This means an unsecure operating system IP stacks.  That greatly slow down Ethernet communications.  ENET designs are based on Alta Data’s own FPGA thin server UDP interface.  Also, which provides real-time Ethernet/1553 bridging/conversion without the threat of viruses or internal hacking.

ENET products provide advanced controls of traditional 1553 interfaces, and simultaneously can auto bridge-transmit PPS, IRIG, IEEE-1588 time-stamped 1553/ARINC UDP packets without any programming.  Another feature is the fast auto-boot feature.  This is where 1553 and MIL-1760 controls can be managed.  Through straight UDP socket communications as implemented with almost every OS, even DO-178 compliant systems.

For more information on the 1553 Bus Ethernet Converter Model ENETX-1553, contact us.

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