6 Steps to prevent Temperature Measurement Errors

prevent temperature measurement errors

Six Steps to Prevent Temperature Measurement Errors When Using Thermocouple Sensors and Transmitters

Acromag has released a White Paper to provide you with a keen understanding of the three basic laws of thermocouples.  Homogeneous materials, Intermediate Metals, and Successive or Intermediate Temperatures, can be very helpful in weeding out potential sources of error in our thermocouple measurement system.

It’s also valuable in properly selecting and applying the components commonly used to connect thermocouples to instruments. This coupled with an awareness of how cold junction compensation works and the limitations it imposes on our measurement and wiring practice, will go a long way towards weeding out thermocouple measurement system errors.

Topics Discussed:

1. Background of temperature measurement

2. Principals of building a thermocouple

3. Three fundamental principles of thermocouples

4. Considerations for cold junction and cold junction compensation

5. How connection materials impact the performance of your system

6. Important principles to keep in mind

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