Always On Wireless Tilt Detection Sensor

Always on Wireless Tilt Sensor

The ​ALTA® Wireless Tilt Detection Sensor tracks the position (pitch) of mission-critical machinery, access barriers, and heavy equipment arms. Firstly, if the sensor detects an abnormal position.  Which may be caused by unauthorised access or a stuck mechanism.  Then supervisors are instantly alerted via text, email, or call.

Monnit’s Tilt Detection Sensor automatically reports, in degrees, when moved beyond configured angles. Secondly, with a measurement accuracy of 0.5°.  The sensor can identify if a boom arm is breached or a safeguard has failed.

  • This always on tilt detection sensor is configured to monitor the raise/lower time of machinery.  Such as an arm or bay door, enabling users to identify seizing hydraulics or motors.

Applications include commercial parking gates, railroad safety systems, oil rig mechanisms, and farming equipment. Also users have reported that the Tilt Detection Sensor helped protect people and assets by identifying ailing equipment.

As an “always watching” device, the battery-powered Tilt Detection Sensor eliminates wiring into existing power systems.  For a fast,15-minute install and greater reliability. The sensor has a battery life of 4+ years (2 AA batteries).

Additional Features

  • Wireless range: 365 Metres non-line-of-sight (through 12+ walls)
  • Security: Encrypt-RF® bank-level security on all wireless transmissions
  • Measurement range: 0–180°

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