FUTEK’s Custom Load Cells assist Boeing

News coming out of FUTEK – is that a historic milestone for the aviation industry was achieved on Saturday the 25th of January 2020.  Boeing’s 777X First Test Flight was successfully completed.

FUTEK contributed to this success by delivering several hundred custom load cells for this project.  The FUTEK Load Cells provided feedback and control.  For the manufacturing process of this aircraft with its new revolutionary wing and engine design.

The Boeing 777X includes the largest carbon-composite wings ever designed.  The wings are so long that in order to fit at standard airport gates the tip has to fold upwards on a hinge 3.35 Metres from end of the wing.  With a total wingspan (when fully extended) of 71.75 Metres.  Therefore, this design will create less drag and will provide a more efficient aerodynamic design.

Its GE9X engines are the largest jet engines ever built.  They are encased in a carbon composite pod, or narcelle, with a diameter of 4.67 Metres.  Amazingly though, the engines deliver a staggering reduction in noise levels.  Also it offers 5% better fuel consumption than other competing engines.

FUTEK were excited with their delivery of Custom Load Cells to this Boeing delivery.  Metromatics being their Representative in Australia and New Zealand are excited to share it.

For more information on Custom Load Cells from FUTEK, contact us.


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