Automated Driving Systems for Safety

This White Paper on Engineering Automated Driving Systems for Safety  has been kindly provided by our supplier Crystal Group

Crystal Group, a leading designer/manufacturer of rugged computer hardware, have released a new industry whitepaper.  It discusses best practices of engineering autonomous driving systems for safety.

Autonomous vehicles (AVs), including fast-growing fleets of self-driving cars and trucks will possibly  cause a Transportation Revolution. The global automotive industry is on the cusp of significant change.  This is enabled by innovative automated driving system (ADS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies in a fast-growing market.  It is estimated to reach $7 trillion by 2050; however, widespread deployment hinges almost entirely on safety.

Automated Driving Systems

Self-driving cars and trucks are easily the most sophisticated and complex mobile platforms, outside the military, to hit public streets – largely unpredictable environments. Onboard systems must always be ready to identify and avoid hazards in their path.

Crystal Group’s latest white paper provides insight into how modern autonomous vehicle system designs benefit from reliable, safety-critical electronics built on proven, trusted military and aerospace system engineering standards and practices.

Therefore, predictable, repeatable performance over time is integral to safety, which in turn builds trust.

In conclusion, major automotive manufacturers and top technology firms have already partnered with Crystal Group.  So they too can tap into the company’s expertise in and portfolio of rugged and reliable systems for use in autonomous vehicles and automated driving systems. In addition, Crystal Group’s ruggedisation techniques combine to deliver highly reliable systems to boost the safety of virtually any autonomous vehicle application. Also to date, Crystal Group has successfully passed numerous in-vehicle crash safety tests.

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