Remanufacturing Automotive Controls


Weller Reman Center specialise in the reverse engineering, troubleshooting and remanufacturing of automotive controls of heavy duty trucks.  Items include transmissions, differentials, steering gears and drive shafts for obsolete, discontinued and late models drive train solutions.   Their Corporate Head Quarters are located in Michigan and they have 31 Truck Part Locations and 9 authorised distributors located all over the United States of America enabling them to provide immediate service and little down time to their customers.

Weller Reman Center own and operate a bench top sized Huntron Access 2 Prober which automates the testing of their Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCA’s) using a single head flying prober and provides amazing accuracy to the component of the PCA being tested.  It contains a high resolution colour camera to ensure correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.  This technology decreases test times and increases productivity.

They recently provided Huntron with an exceptional product testimonial about the Huntron Access 2 Prober which stated:

Huntron Access 2 Prober Testimonial

“Weller Reman Center has owned and operated a Huntron Access 2 Prober.  This Tool has been an instrumental asset to our business of reverse engineering, troubleshooting and remanufacturing automotive controls.  Our Access 2 Prober has paid for itself many times over with increased production while decreasing hands-on labor.  The automated approach to testing circuit board assemblies, frees up technicians and provides greater testing accuracy.  The Access Prober has yet to “forget” a test node, unlike a technician testing by hand.  We have found the ability to quickly locate internal PCB trace and via failures to be a huge benefit of the prober over manual testing.  The Access 2 prober allows testing of complex PCB’s in minutes, compared to hours”.

Do you or your technician’s not have enough hours in the day?  Do your remanufacturing and testing technicians need to be freed up from the testing of Printed Circuit Boards by hand?  Look no further than the Huntron Access 2 Prober.

Metromatics has been Huntron’s exclusive distributor since 1992 and we continue to sell, support and service the Huntron Product Range.  Call us, if you would like more information on this fabulous product or if we can assist you further.