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OMA ARTeMIS Software by Dewesoft

The Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA solution consists of Dewesoft multi purpose hardware and specialised Operational Modal Analysis Software.  Used for estimating and analysing the structural dynamics of civil engineering and complex structures.  And as with all other Dewesoft solutions, you get the OMA product licenses with no expiry date.  No maintenance or year fees, just a one-time purchase.

What is Operational Modal Analysis?

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), used as an advantage when analysing the structural dynamics of civil engineering structures.  Items such as operating machinery and other structures which are difficult to excite in a controlled manner.

OMA is also referred to as Output-only Modal Analysis, Ambient Response Analysis, Ambient Modal Analysis, In-operation modal analysis and natural input modal analysis.

OMA Technique

Firstly, OMA only uses measured output response signals.  No input excitation signals.  Therefore, when conducting OMA the measured structures are brought to motion by natural loads.  These loads can’t be controlled and measured easily.  Such as wave loads as in offshore structures, wind loads in buildings, traffic loads in bridges or operating machinery loads.

However, the Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA and its extension options, changes all this.  Providing you will the most advance OMA products on the market.

Results of Dewesoft ARTEeMIS OMA Software

With the Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA software, the full set of modal parameters can be estimated in operating structures where only the output response data has been acquired.  Modal Parameters are the mode shapes, natural frequencies, and damping ratios.

Dewesoft Multipurpose Hardware

Dewesoft support a range of advanced monitoring and analysis tools used whilst getting the time data.  Therefore, multi physics investigations can be performed to estimate the time required for maintenance and easily detect critical events.

Keep on Working

Open time data files acquired with Dewesoft (DXD files) directly into the Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA application and run the analysis.  In addition, geometries from Dewesoft can imported via UNV files.


OMA is different from ODS.  ODS stands for Operating Deflection Shapes.  In addition, OMA allows estimations of modal models from operational data.  Whereas, ODS limited to deflection shapes.

Product options

Finally, the primary core license for Dewesoft ARTeMIS OMA has the basic features required to succeed with OMA in most situations.  However, if extended analysis and more results are required then additional options can be added to the product.  Validation of the results are enhanced by applying multiple estimators for comparison.

Base Product:


Standard set of OMA functionalities.  Software supports estimating natural frequencies, damping ratios, estimation and animation of mode shapes, estimation of normal mode shapes, Frequency Doman Decomposition (FDD) and Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition (EFDD).

Product Extensions:


To learn more specific information about the Software Product Extensions, click here.

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