Rugged Computer huge hit at Tradeshow

rugged portable Military Computer with detachable keyboard

AT AFCEA West Trade Show in the US, the RE2500 Portable Rugged Computer made its debut, to huge success.  Features that the audience liked was its size, advanced thermal management system and radio silencing abilities.  Making it a great addition to the Crystal Group Rugged Computer product line.

Why was the RE2500 Portable Rugged Computer developed?

Originally, the RE2500 was developed for a Defence Organisation.  However, they had a list of requirements, and nothing was readily available with all the features off shelf.  They approached the Crystal Group.

The challenges

Firstly, the features required included:

  • Smaller footprint than their current computing solution
  • No sacrifice on power and function.
  • Radio silencing capabilities
  • Overhead bin packable for standard commercial aircraft
  • Portable

Engineering done in 45 days!

Due to their specialised experience with rugged embedded computing solutions, the Advanced Program Pursuits Engineering Team built the RE2500 in just under 45 days.

The RE2500 Portable Rugged Computer

The RE2500 is compact.  But has exceptional storage capacity of 30 TB with removable solid state drives.  It also has a variety of I/O features including USB 3.1 and USB C.

Firstly, it housed in an integrated, protected, and waterproof case.  This portable workstation is overhead bin packable for any standard commercial aircraft.  Therefore, allowing personnel easy and efficient access in the field for data collection and processing.

Cyber Compliant Workstation

The RE2500 is a cyber compliant workstation.  How you may ask?  It features a previously unreleased Crystal Group innovation.  The JSIG compatible Tactical Advanced Zeroization Response (TAZR) technology.  This system wipes drive keys and CMOS data with a flip of a switch.

Modular Design enables Customisation

Due to the product having a modular design, other features can be embedded or selected as standard modules to make this system custom to any customer requirements.

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