DEWESoft Software X3 now available

dewesoft software

Dewesoft Software is a powerful data acquisition and processing software that many engineers love to use. The powerful data acquisition software is suitable across several different application areas and together with DEWESoft hardware it provides a complete solution.  The Dewesoft X3 is the latest version to be released and it’s available for all users of DEWESoft Instruments free of charge.

Some features include

  • 64-bit version for unlimited number of channels, use of all installed memory in the computer
  • User interface improvements with fresh new look
  • Improved graphs and better tick marks and axis for better handling
  • Power module rework with major speed improvement (SP1)
  • Steps recorder for bug reporting
  • Setup lock to a license allows system integrators to sell setups
  • Encryption of setup and data files
  • Multithreaded trigger allows faster calculation (each condition has it own thread)

NOTE: Dewesoft X3 is fully backward compatible and will read setup and data file from X2 version.


Dewesoft software is also available in a 64-bit version. This allows DEWESoft to take full advantage of the resources that are physically available in modern computers. Users can expect better performance in large-scale applications and be able to use more channels and math modules, more memory, export more data at once and have a clearer overview of signals on visual controls.

Recommendation: use X3 – 32 bit version whenever it’s possible, in special cases (for example with lots of channels) use X3 – 64 bit


The user interface has been reworked in order to make the program feel more modern and user-friendly. Apart from the robust visuals, major improvements have also been made in the grid system, which has been unified across the standard modules. The so-called »DSGrid«, which was already available in »Channel setup«, offers a comprehensive overview of channels, gives the user a range of customisation options and offers a wide array of convenient shortcut features.

dewesoft software x3

The entire visual control settings tab has been redesigned and features new display options, which improve the readability of data and make displays even more configurable to satisfy every user’s needs. The recorder has received a major upgrade, now being able to display the time axis as a continuous stream of equidistant time stamps, rather than just showing statically placed time varying points. In addition to that, “pinch to zoom” has also been added, making DEWESoft a bit easier to operate for touch screen users. Regular users that control DEWESoft with a mouse and keyboard will find that they can now drag the signal up and down the y axis, scale the signal using the scroll wheel and have multiple channels auto scaled on the same visual control, which wasn’t possible in the past.

dewesoft software x3


Power module rework with major speed improvement and improved NET interface with flat list for analogue channels add convenience and guarantee a better user experience!

The power analyser has seen drastic improvement. The power module is now easier to use, due to its redesigned user interface, while at the same time being less performance heavy and featuring advanced computational algorithms. X3 is more than 10 times faster than X2 in most configurations.

dewesoft software x3

With three phase power module and all options enabled Dewesoft X3 can calculate power module with 600 ks/sec while Dewesoft X2 speed with is 50 ks/sec.

When disabling current flicker, which is very specific to grid measurements, a three phase module can be calculated in Dewesoft X3 speed with full speed 1 Ms/sec, two three phase power modules can be calculated at 800 ks/sec. For the reference Dewesoft X2 speed with 1 power module is 200 ks/sec.
The performance was measured on SBOX2 + SIRIUS HS.

The power module is used more and more for high speed inverter measurements, driven by hybrid and electrical vehicle development. The inverters speed can change very fast, for example from start to full speed in ten seconds. Dewesoft X3 can handle this high variation of frequency as shown on the screenshot below. This along with a chance to acquire all other vehicle parameters makes Dewesoft power instruments perfect for e-mobility measurements.

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