Industry 4.0 Unilever Magnum Digital

Industry 4.0

DEWESoft recently posted an application in their spotlight newsletter that I thought I would share.  It is on how the DEWESoft Krypton has been installed in the Unilever Factory where they make Magnum Ice Creams.  Also, how it is used to analyse  and control the data from the production process using Industry 4.0.

Mr. Luke Byrne (Process Manager, Unilever R&D Colworth, UK) and Mr. Roberto Sepe (Automation Engineer, Caivano Ice Cream factory, Italy) had a clear focus in their mind.  The production process needed to be just perfect in order to guarantee the best taste, quality and stability of Magnum products, whilst minimising waste…which is a winning combination!

It was clear since the beginning that these targets could be achieved.  Only by introducing and embedding Industry 4.0 concepts in their manufacturing process and Dewesoft was the best partner to achieve that.

Byrne stated “This is great example of how R&D, supply chain, factory teams and key suppliers like Dewesoft can work together to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions that help deliver improvements in operability and line performance.”

What was delivered

DEWESoft’s  Krypton extreme product line allowed the DEWESoft Engineers to distribute acquisition along the production process, integrating modules in existing electric cabinets, exactly where needed, in order to reduce analogue signal cable length and improve the signal quality. It also reduced installation cost while ensuring perfect synchronisation among all channels.

These units’ high protection grade (IP67) and wide temperature range (-40..+85°C) led them to be chosen by the experienced automation engineers from Unilever to be placed into these harsh environments.

Mr. Roberto Sepe felt that Unilever required a deep integration of the Dewesoft system with the already existing control systems.

The DEWESoft developers who made it possible  to deliver a smooth integration.  With five different control systems for a total of 220 process parameters transferred using Siemens S7 native protocols, integrated with analogue and digital values acquired by Dewesoft krypton frontends.

Measurement monitor

Acting as global supervisor, Dewesoft created a complete picture. By gathering data coming from different parts of the production line and from various sources. Dewesoft tools then calculated complex algorithms in order to give useful indication to the operators and feed both the PLC control system set-points and the internal tools for statistics.

Firstly, a red light alarm system instigates. As soon as just a single parameter goes out of control within the production process. In such a case, the operators are advised to manually adjust valves if the control system cannot directly operate them.

Therefore, this application offers proof that Dewesoft is not only a tool for acquisition and online analysis of data in industrial processes but also a comprehensive supervisor with a competitive price and fast implementation.

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