Dewesoft Test Engineers Catalogue

Front Cover of Dewesoft Test Engineers Catalogue

We think the Dewesoft Test Engineers Catalogue might become a Desktop Icon for many Test Engineers.

A Company built by Test Engineers

Dewesoft is a company built by test engineers.  Before Dewesoft, these engineers faced measuring challenges (just like you) every day.  Each new product or a product revision needed to be tested.  Accurate testing was essential.  However, on a tight schedule with little time or money there wasn’t any room for errors or re-resting.  Plus you have to make do with the test instruments you have available.

There were always mechanical issues.  Such as the best instrument for the job is too large, not rugged enough, runs only from AC Power, electrical noise problems and much more.

So when Dewesoft was formed – these Test Engineers had a clear picture of what the needed to do.  They developed instruments that were small, lightweight, robust and with great shock & vibration specifications.  Instruments with a wide dynamic range, isolated inputs and ran from DC or AC power and even battery power.  They even imagined one instrument that was capable of recording different signals all synchronised together.  Video, cameras CAN bus and all instruments that shared the same powerful software.

They talked to engineers and technicians like you and got your ideas.  They still do. They’ve added your ideas and worked hard to build it.  So that was at the beginning and two decades on nothing has changed.  That’s Dewesoft.  If you do data acquisition – they can help.

Features of the Dewesoft Test Engineers Catalogue

Introduce how each of their three major Data Acquisition System Platforms can help you measure the major signals and sensors.  Such as voltage, current, temperature, strain, shock, vibration and more.

The goal of this introduction is for you to determine which is the perfect DAQ line for the kinds of applications and measuring challenges you face each day.

At the heart of every Dewesoft DAQ system is amazing signal conditioning.  Without it you can’t make accurate measurements.  High performance ADC’s are use to convert analog signals to digital ones.  They can be visualised and analysed in real time and recorded to disk.

The housing is made from aluminium blocks.  Precisely milled and shaped via CNC to create a rugged and lightweight chassis possible.  Also available a variety of sensors that pair with Dewesoft amplifiers and measuring systems.

Then there’s the software.  Award winning DewesoftX making the process from set up to report generation easier than you thought possible. DewesoftX is included with all of our products at no additional cost and updates are free forever.  No licensing or maintenance fees.

This catalogue covers the major signal types that  customers need to acquire, starting with voltage, then temperature, current and moving onward to strain, pressure, sound and vibration, and more. For each of these signal types, Dewesoft will show you how each of their recording platforms can handle this signal. In nearly every case there is more than one way.

Finally, Metromatics proudly sell, service and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.