Top 7 Benefits of Rugged Network Switches

Rugged Network Switches top 7 benefits being rugged enough to survive in real world conditions

One of Crystal Group’s recent innovation posts was about the Top 7 Benefits of Rugged Network Switches.  It was titled “Top Seven Benefits of Ruggedized Commscope/Ruckus ICX Network Switches”.  You can read the original here.

Firstly, Crystal indicated computing for military and industrial applications has gone beyond the confines of a sterile remote server rooms. It’s now out there – facing some pretty harsh environments.  However, this means the networking hardware must be rugged and reliable.  Also, able to operate in the toughest conditions and most demanding applications.  Plus perform with flawless reliability at the edge.

Crystal has a strategic partnership with Commscope.  Commscope manufacture the RUCKUS ICX Series of industry leading network switches. Crystal specialises in the ruggedisation of hardware.  Therefore, leading to the delivery of Rugged Network Switches with advanced switching capability for industrial, mobile and on edge deployed applications.

Crystal have identified seven additional performance benefits for your networking needs in unpredictable edge environments.  They are:

  1. The ICX’s higher port density and speeds minimise SWaP at a lower cost for programs and applications where efficient use of real estate and power are critically important
  2. Crystal’s Ruggedisation Cooling Techniques of the baseline switch enhance the performance in elevated thermal conditions
  3. Open architecture standards provide a competitive network environment that leads to seamless integration
  4. Updates are thoroughly tested by CommScope before release. Then sent to Crystal Group for customer use.
  5. ICX Switches are stackable in groups of 12. Providing greater scalability, reduced cost and easier management. Better Cable Management
  6. Network security and data privacy are critical when operating at the edge. The rugged ICX7450 switch is the only stackable switch with hardware based IPSec encryption. Allows customers to control network access, support multi tenant networks, protect data and achieve CSfC compliance.
  7. Finally, RUCKUS Switches are software defined networking. So all CommScope switches provide support for open SDN standards. Protecting investment if a move to SDN is planned in the future.

To learn more about Crystal’s range of rugged switches, click here or to listen to Crystal’s Podcast up networking at the edge click here.

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