Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions Brochure

Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions Brochure Cover

Acromag has released their new Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions Brochure.

Acromag are a leading designer of high performance analog, digital, serial and FPGA I/O Solutions for PCIe, VME, VPX and CompactPCI Computer Systems.  High density modular solutions include AcroPack, IndustryPack, PMC/XMC and COM Express Mezzanine Modules.  These rugged modules and embedded computers are ideal for use in Defence, Aerospace and Scientific Applications.

Topics for the Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions Brochure include:

  • Custom Embedded Computing with reconfigurable FPGAs on off the shelf mezzanine modules
  • Military ready mPCIe base mezzanine modules
  • Acropack mPCIe based interface I/O Boards
  • IndustryPack mezzanine I/O Modules
  • XMC FPGA, Ethernet and Carrier Cards
  • PMC Modules for COTS Projects
  • VPX Carrier Cards and Single Board Computers and Software Support
  • VME Boards for Embedded Computing
  • PCI Express Carrier Cards
  • PCI Architecture – I/O Modules and Carrier Cards
  • cPCI Serial Carrier Cards and I/O
  • Rugged Type 6 COM Express with Intel i7 and i5 CPU
  • Rugged Small Form Factor Computers

To download the brochure, click here.

If you would like more information on the Acromag Embedded Computing & I/O Solutions product range, contact us.

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