Crystal Group launches Trio of ISR Rugged Servers

Rugged Twin Server

A press release on the trio of ISR Rugged Servers released by our friends at the Crystal Group.

Crystal Group a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of rugged computing and networking solutions, announced today the launch of three new rugged servers — the RS4105L22 4U GPU server, RS1.532L21X2F twin server, and Crystal Group FORCE™ RS2606 — all designed for ultra-high ISR performance.

Independently, each server delivers powerful performance that enables Crystal Group customers with high-velocity capability, security and efficiency. When combined, these three servers form a flexible, integrated system for real-time high-speed sensor data collection.  Plus computation, and daily, hot-swappable data extraction critical to decision-making on the move.

“To maintain a competitive advantage and handle today’s immense data requirements.  Our customers need powerful servers that can collect, analyze and prioritize immense amounts of data, often in remote, unpredictable situations,” said Beth Otting, director of Military Programs for Crystal Group. “Currently deployed on allied military aircraft.  These new rugged servers provide the essential capabilities needed for real-time reliability and accuracy in the field.”

ISR Rugged Servers

Rugged 4U Server with GPUOptimized to extract and integrate data from multiple sensors via four NVIDIA® Tesla V100 GPUs, the RS4105L22 4U GPU server is a powerhouse of high-capacity storage for electronic warfare, sensor fusion, signal intelligence, C4ISR, radar and digital signal processing.
Rugged Twin ServerEquipped with up to 88 cores, the RS1.532L21X2F 1.5U rugged twin server delivers high-speed processing in a small form factor by consolidating capabilities of two separate computers into a single unit with front I/O. Each of the dual X11 motherboards can be customized with up to three PCIe slots for increased bandwidth. Its extreme compute density enables artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time decision making in a compact footprint
Rackmount Rugged Server RS2606Designed and qualified for airborne jets, the Crystal Group FORCE™ RS2606 rugged server combines both high compute and maximum storage capacity in a single chassis with eight SAS SSDs in the removable media canister. Customizable with up to six modules. This unit boasts a removable media canister, redundant AC power supplies.  Plus it has advanced thermal management to accelerate compute-intensive workloads at the edge.

Like Crystal Group’s entire portfolio of rugged and industrial computing products.  These new servers are engineered to deliver seamless performance in the most challenging environments while exceeding military and industrial standards.

Crystal Group provides the latest, most innovative technology.  To keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the defence and commercial markets. At the forefront of innovation, Crystal Group continues to lead the industry.  By providing scalable, reliable and secure solutions to enable success for their customers.

Metromatics proudly offers local sales, service and support for the Crystal Group product range in Australia and New Zealand.  For more information, contact us.

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