Dewesoft Sirius XHS now available in Australia and NZ

Dewesoft Sirius XHS

The Dewesoft Sirius XHS is now available in Australia and New Zealand.  Dewesoft recently released the SIRIUS XHS High Speed Data Acquisition System which has an amazing 15MS/sec sampling rate at 5MHz bandwidth.  It contains Hybrid ADC Technology which enables users to select three modes of operation for each analog input channel – High Bandwidth Mode, Alias Free Mode or Ring Free Filtering.  Modern data interfaces such as USB 3.0, GLAN, XCP, CAN and OPC UA with PTP synchronisation allow for open and flexible connectivity.

It is the perfect instrument for Transient Recording, Power Analysis, Sound, Vibration and General Data Recording Applications.

Features of Sirius XHS High Speed Data Acquisition System include:

  • Hybrid ADC Technology which is software selectable per channel
  • 15 MS/s Sampling Rate at 5 MHz Bandwidth
  • Alias-free filtering of signals up to 160 dB dynamic range
  • Zero phase Shift time aligned synchronisation
  • USB3 Fast Data Transfer to PC
  • Data Transfer to any host using open OPC UA Industry standard protocol
  • High Galvanic Isolation of channel to channel and channel to ground which prevents damage to systems from excessive voltage and avoids ground loops
  • Small Foot Print Chassis
  • Software included with free lifetime upgrades

The Sirius XHS High Speed Data Acquisition System allows you to select per channel depending on the measurement application, plus the appropriate mode of ADC operation.  Both modes are available in parallel acquiring two channels at different rates per one input slot.

High End Signal Conditioning Amplifiers for the SIRIUS XHS

The input channel configuration of the SIRIUS XHS device can be freely chosen from the available High End Signal Conditioning amplifiers:

  • SIRIUS XHS HV:Highly isolated CATII 1000V input. It can directly measure from 20 V to 2000V peak range at 5 MHz bandwidth with down to 0.03% accuracy. This amplifier is perfect for the direct connection of the high voltage signals.
  • SIRIUS XHS LV:Highly isolated voltage input. It can directly measure from 0.05 V to 100V range at 3 MHz bandwidth, with down to 0.03% accuracy, and sensor excitation. This amplifier is perfect for a direct connection of low voltage signals and current transducers.

An amplifier for IEPE will be released shortly and other types will follow to measure acceleration, sound, strain, stress, etc.

The Sirius XHS has plug and play functionality, smart sensors, and advanced TEDS sensor​​​​​​​ support.  Therefore, making measurements with SIRIUS XHS is easy and you will be ready to measure in no time.

For more information on the Dewesoft Sirius XHS, contact us.