Why Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)?

So why are we moving to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)?  The automated guided vehicle (AGV) market that has been around for years has become almost saturated.  However, it is also now stagnated due to the difficulty of developing products for new applications. The next generation of AGV systems need to be smarter and have more flexibility.  But due to the technology they utilise this is not feasible.   Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are quickly replacing AGV Systems.  AMR are becoming prevalent in several vertical markets such as logistics, medical, agriculture and mining. As labour costs increase, more swarm robotic systems will be developed and deployed to perform repeated tasks.

Automated Mobile Robots are better than AGV Systems

Automated Mobile Robots are better than AGV

Case Study: Moving from AGV to AMR

Moving from AGV to AMR

Learn how this ADLINK customer, who is a well known 3rd party logistics company in Taiwan, integrated the latest ROS Robot Technology.  By installing Autonomous Mobile Robots with advanced features they enabled it to efficiently and accurately navigate a variety of environments in their warehouse.  Click image for more information.

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