Current Clamps and Transducers

Dewesoft have high-accuracy current sensors for AC/DC current measurement and power analysis. Products such as: current clamps, flux gate current clamps, hall compensated current clamps, iron core current clamps, DSI shunt adaptors, integrated power supplies, zero flux current transducers and Rogowsky coils.

Dewesoft’s current transducers fit perfectly with their data acquisition systems allowing precise measurement of AC/DC current up to 0.03% accuracy

Current Clamps and Transducers

Dewesoft Current Clamps and Transducers are high-accuracy sensors for AC/DC current measurement and power analysis. Transducers are perfect for DAQ systems. This is because they precisely measure AC/DC currents with up to 0.03% accuracy. They also measure with a linearity below 0.002% ranging from 60A to 1000A RMS and feature up to 800 kHz bandwidth. As a result, they are perfect for E-Mobility and inverter motor measurements. Furthermore transducers also use integrated Dewesoft SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 power supply to power up directly from Dewesoft instruments without an external power supply.

Key Features of Current Clamps and Transducers include:

  • AC/DC CURRENT MEASUREMENT: Dewesoft offers high-accuracy zero-flux current transducers, iron-core current transformers, and hall compensated. Rogowski coils, and shunts for AC and DC current measurement.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: Highly precise zero flux current transducers or fluxgate compensated clamps are a perfect fit for most demanding power measurements for E-mobility, Electric Motor, and inverter motors application.
  • UP TO 30 000 AMPS: DEWESoft offers a very wide range of current measurement ranges up to 30 000 (30 thousand) amps.
  • -40°C to +85°C: DEWESoft offers current transducers with wide temperature range.
  • INTEGRATED SENSOR POWER SUPPLY: Current clamps and zero-flux transducer can be powered straight from the Dewesoft DAQ Devices. Such as SIRIUS, SIRIUS XHS, R2DB, R8 or KRYPTON. However, for current transducers with a higher power demand such as zero flux transducers and fluxgate there is a power module that plugs into Dewesoft DAQ Systems. Available also as an external device.
  • TEDS COMPATIBLE: Most current transducers are TEDS IEEE1451.4 compatible – making them simply a plug and play item.
  • FLEXIBLE: There are more than 1000 different current sensors are available on market. If you want to connect your own or other sensors, we are very happy to help you here. Dewesoft instruments allow connecting any type of current transducers.

Current Measurement Transducer DC-CT-1000A

Current Measurement Transducer

Firstly, for precise current measurement applications use the DC-CT-1000A current transducer. Initially, it’s based on current controlled variable reluctance (CCVR). Plus offers the same benefits of a zero-flux current transducer. However, with less power consumption and smaller footprint.

Secondly, this model is based on the latest current sensing Platise Flux Sensor (PFS) technology. It is often seen as an AC current transformer. This is because it continuously measures residual magnetic flux in the core. This due to the different between primary and secondary currents. Therefore, the detected different drives the feedback control mechanism. This adjusts the current in the compensation winding to achieve optimal zero flux balance in the core.

Zero Flux Transducers

Zero Flux Transducers

Dewesoft IT series of zero-flux transducers offer highly precise current measurements with linearity below 0.002% ranging from 100 A to 2000 A RMS, featuring up to 2 MHz bandwidth which makes them perfect for E-Mobility and inverter motor measurements.

Use integrated Dewesoft SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 power supply for powering these current transducers directly from Dewesoft instruments without any external power supply.

Iron Core Clamp Transducers

Iron Core Current Transformer

Firstly, the iron-core clamp works on the principle of a transformer. Therefore, depending on the number of windings on the primary side compared to the secondary side (turns ratio). A certain current will be induced on the secondary side. Like any transformer, this only works for measuring AC current.

The DS-CLAMP-xxAC series offers basic AC current measurements from 5 ACRMS to 1000 ACRMS range using iron core technology with accuracy down to 0.3 % and bandwidth up to 10 kHz.

Finally, Iron core clamps work in operating temperatures from -40°C to +70°C. As well as the ability to measure coil diametres 50 to 52mm depending on the model.

Hall-Compensated Current Clamps

Hall Compensated Current Transducer

The Hall Effect measures both the AC and DC current. The advantages of hall-compensated AC/DC current clamps are the high accuracy, high bandwidth, the measurement of AC and DC currents. Circuit doesn’t need to be opened.

The DS-CLAMP-xxDC offers measurement ranges up to 1800 A DC and ACrms, with a bandwidth up to 100 kHz depending on the model.

Finally, with a measurement accuracy of 1% to 3.5% and operating in temperatures from 15°C to 85°C and coil diametres of 32mm depending on the model.

Fluxgate Current Clamps

Fluxgate Current Clamps

Fluxgate current sensors make use of a high permeability magnetic core to ascertain the magnetic field that is produced as the current flows through a conductor.

The DS-CLAMP-xxDC offers measurement ranges up to 1000 A DC and ACrms, with a bandwidth up to 500 kHz depending on the model.

Finally, with a measurement accuracy of 3% and operating in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C and coil diametres of 50mm depending on the model. However, this model requires a separate power supply. See PWR-MCTS2

Rogowsky Coil Current Probes

Rogowsky Coil Current

Rogowsky coils are easy to install and therefore perfect for field measurements.

A wide variety of ranges are available 3 A to 30000 A with accuracies down to 0.1 %. The bandwidth is starting from 10 Hz and is ending at 1 MHz.


Current Shunt DSI Current Adapters

Current Shunt DSI Adaptor

The Current Shunt DSI Current Adapters directly measure currents. They are also compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems that have DSUB9 input connectors. The following DSI shunt current adapters are available:

  • DSI-20mA – 20 mA current input adapter with 50 Ohm internal shunt, 0.05% accuracy for sensors with 4 to 20 mA output.
  • DSIw-20mA – Waterproof version of the DSI-20mA adapter. It uses a 50 Ω shunt resistor with 0.01 % accuracy and 0.2 ppm/K temperature drift (0.05 ppm/K in the temperature range 0 °C to 60 °C). They sense currents from industrial sensors with 4-20 mA output in harsh environments. It is designed with a double DSUB9 adapter hood with IP67 protection.
  • DSI-5A – The new 5A current input adapter. Contains a 10 mΩ shunt resistor with 0.1% accuracy when calibrated. The new DSI-5A adapter has significant improvement is in temperature stability. The new shunt resistor has two times better temperature coefficient (now 15 ppm/K over the range -55 °C to +125 °C, before 30 ppm/K over the range -20 °C to +60 °C).
  • DSIi-10A – isolated current transducer with 10 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.
  • DSIi-20A – isolated current transducer with 20 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.

Please note isolated voltage input amplifiers connect shunt resistor adapters.

SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 An Integrated Power Supply

Dewesoft Integrated Power Supply

A host-connected amplifier powers most Dewesoft current sensors. Yet, the integrated power supply slice – SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 is perfect for sensors that require an additional power supply.

SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 is a power supply unit. This unit powers current transducers directly from the Dewesoft DAQ system without any external power supply. Furthermore, the SIRIUS PWR-MCTS2 is available as a slide-in module for SIRIUS rack mainframe chassis or as a standalone slice in the form of SIRIUS modular chassis.

E-mobility Device With Integrated DC-CT Current Transducer

E-Mobility XHS Power with DC CT Current Transducer

The SIRIUS XHS-PWR is measures direct in-vehicle currents, voltage and power. It also features an integrated and patented DC-CT current transducer. As a result, users can measure very precise current measurements even in the most demanding applications. This includes high current peaks and leakage currents.

Furthermore, this current transducer represents the latest current sensing technology. Its has bandwidth ranges of 100A, 500A and 1000A. It also has a wide 1 MHz bandwidth and ultimate performance. To top things off it comes with excellent linearity, precision, accuracy, immunity to external magnetic fields, low offsets and extremely low-temperature drift are achieved at low power operation.

Finally, The device can also directly measure voltages up to 2000V peak (CAT II 1000V) with up to 5 MHz bandwidth. This device is also extremely compact and perfect for direct installation into a vehicle with the power lines leading through the device. It has an IP65 degree of environmental protection. Thus making it perfect for harsh environments and rough drives as a result.

To learn more about the Current Clamps and Transducer Models, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about these great products.

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