Embedded Graphics Blueprint Solution

Embedded Graphics

Adding Embedded Graphics such as GPU’s to an embedded system can be a tricky task.  ADLINK have created a downloadable PDF “BluePrint” Solution.  This document describes how embedded graphics simplifies the process of adding GPUs to embedded designs.  An embedded graphics solution offers better system performance, a longer life and therefore a better return on investment for developers, users and system integrator.

The Power of Graphics

Embedded Graphics used in applications such as:  image processing, image analysis, computing acceleration, artificial intelligence (AI) and more.  They drive high resolution multi display systems, accelerate image construction and perform difficult computations in networks.

Bring Embedded Applications to the Next Level

ADLINK is brings embedded applications to the next level.  With diverse computing platforms integrating CPU and NVIDIA GPU. The CPU/GPU combination enables complex data analysis and AI at the edge, unlocking massive potential for embedded applications, especially network constrained environments.  ADLINK, an NVIDIA® Quadro® Embedded Partner, offers a complete line up of Embedded Graphics Solutions based on NVIDIA Quadro Embedded GPU Technology.

MXM Embedded Graphics Card

Mobile Express Modules (MXMs)

Which offer extended temperature ranges, high performance per watt, and suitable for SWaP-C applications

PCI Express Graphics Cards

PCI Express Graphics Cards

Which offer a boost in performance, plug and play convenience, Compute-intensive performance critical applications.

To learn more about the Blueprint Solution, click here or contact us for more support.

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