Universal Input Digital Panel Meters

Universal Input Digital Panel Meters

Acromag’s new line of Universal Input Digital Panel Meters provide process current transmitter output and limit alarm relays for current, voltage or temperature inputs.

The first release from Acromag’s new Vertu™ brand of innovative instrumentation is the VPM3000 Series of universal input displays with transmitter and alarm capabilities. These instruments combine the digital indicator function of a panel meter.  With optional signal conditioning for 4-20mA transmitter output and/or alarm trip solid-state relays. Secondly, the big and bright 31mm high numerals are clearly visible from far away, even in bright sunlight. Field-selectable inputs accept process current/voltage and temperature sensor signals.  Including 4-20mA, ±20mA, 0-10V, ±10V, Pt RTDs, and most common thermocouple varieties. For additional versatility, units can provide power to drive a 4-20mA transmitter and other instruments. Also supported is Modbus RTU serial communication.

The VPM3000 displays are easy to set up and install. In addition, the units are configurable.  Using the front-panel pushbuttons, free Windows software, or a copy function from other units. Models are available for operation from 85-265V AC or 12-36V DC power sources. Another advantage is AC units can provide single or dual isolated 24V DC supplies to power a 4-20mA transmitter or other instruments. A shallow-depth 1/8 DIN enclosure with a NEMA 4X front panel simplifies installation. UL/cUL listing meets industrial control equipment safety requirements.

These versatile signal conditioners can satisfy requirements for a process or temperature transmitter, alarm trips and high-visibility display with a single unit.

Other advanced capabilities add further value. In addition to converting sensor signals to a scaled 4-20mA current for retransmission to controllers or recorders, units can also perform flow computation functions. The square root function can linearise the signal from a differential pressure transmitter to display flow rate in engineering units. Also a low-flow cut-off feature sets a user-defined threshold. That forces the display to zero for slow flow rates that often produce unsteady output from a differential pressure transmitter. A push button easily toggles display of min/max values. Dual relays enable a variety of alarm trip configurations for high/low, high/high, and low/low limit triggers.

They can also be used for process on/off control and pump alternation applications. For desktop monitoring and data acquisition applications, the free software can display and log data from multiple meters on your PC.

Finally, for more information on the Universal Input Digital Panel Meters view our product page here or  contact us.