HD-SDI Video Insertion Generators for US Space

4 Channel Time KLV Metadata HD-SDI Video Inserter

EON Instrumentation are world leading manufacturers of Analog and High-Definition Digital Video Systems, Interference Blanker Units and Rugged Power Supplies and Audio Amplifier Systems.  They recently announced they had sold five rack mountable 6 channel HD-SDI Video Insertion Generators to the US Space Force.

Firstly, the model provided was the 6055C-6H10011.  It encodes HD-SDI Video with IRIG B Timing and provides metadata information into the video stream.  This provides many advantages to the US Space Engineering team. Such as

  1. IRIG B Timing provides precise synchronisation of video streams with other systems and devices.

Therefore, providing a common time reference and accurate timing across different components of a larger system.  Crucial when multiple video sources need to synchronized.


  1. IRIG B Timecode accuracy

IRIG B provides an accurate timecode that can be embedded into the video stream.  The timecode helps identify specific moments or frames within the video.  Therefore, allowing precise time-base editing, indexing, or searching of footage.  As well as easier identification and retrieval of specific events.  Making video analysis – review and post processing more efficient.

  1. Extract Meaningful insights from Metadata Enrichment

Metadata includes a variety of information types.  Such as camera settings, location, event description, sensor data and other relevant details.  By adding metadata to a video stream via IRIG B, enables additional context and adds value to the video content.  Making it useful for indexing, categorising, searching and analysing video content.

  1. Integrating with External Systems provides precise correlation between visual information and other measurements.

IRIG B timing and metadata assist in the integration with other systems that rely on accurate timing or require synchronised data.  For example, in space applications, IRIG B can synchronise video feeds with sensor data or control systems.  Therefore, providing a precise connection between visual information and other measurements.  In addition, this feature enhances monitoring, analysis and decision-making processes.

Additional capabilities of the EON 6055C-6H10011 are: can receive and reproduce HD-SDI Video up to 1080p/I 60hz; video format auto and sensing; receives external IRIG B timing information; internal GPS receiver; meets MISB Standards for encoding IRIG B time into video frames; capable of inserting 2000 characters of alphanumeric data into each channel of video.

Other features of the HD-SDI Video Insertion Generators include:

  • Accepts SD, HD and 3G SDI video sources per SMPTE 259M/292M/424M
  • Auto-detects and formats insertion for 480i, 720p and 1080i/p for 24,25, 30, 50 and 60 field/frame rates at their NTSC equivalents.
  • Six independent video channels.
  • Synchronises time to internal GPS or applied IRIG B.
  • Inserts up to 3920 characters of alphanumeric data into each video channel.
  • Inserts a MISB compliant Microsecond Timestamp collected in less than 10μsec of frame sync into each field/frame the SDI VANC on line 9.
  • Inserts movable crosshair.
  • Inserts fixed boresight crosshair.
  • Insert up to two event/alarm marks into each video channel.
  • Select 1 of 8 colours individually for characters, crosshair and boresight crosshair.
  • GPS Synchronized IRIG B122 and IRIG B002 Generator.
  • Detachable keyboard.
  • Remotely controlled via Ethernet Port and RS-232C Serial Port.
  • Non-volatile Memory saves key settings and certain insertion parameters

Metromatics sell and support the EON Instrumentation product range in Australia and New Zealand.  For more information, contact us.

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