High Precision Power Analyzer

Power Analyzer for Electrical Measurements

World’s Smallest High Precision Power Analyzer  SIRIUS- R8D8

Tests of electric motors and inverters, battery and battery charging tests – measurement applications from Dewesoft, enable a comprehensive analysis of all types of electric powertrains. This is currently becoming more important.  A recent study on life cycle assessment confirms that e-mobility has great future potential.

Dewesoft Offers E-mobility Solutions

The increasing importance of e-mobility  – has also affected the world of metrology, advanced and user-friendly solutions.  For all aspects of the development, validation, and production of electrical and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important.

Dewesoft already offers tests of electric motors and inverters as well as battery and battery charging tests. There are a number of benefits in this regard through the use of Dewesoft Power Analysers for e-mobility developers,  these include:

Benefits of Power Analyzers for E-Mobility Developers

Flexible application: The High Precision Power Analyzer can be used specifically for the development of batteries.  Developments such as: efficiency analysis, cell characterisation, long-term tests, crash tests, short circuit analysis, overheating / overload tests, aging tests, etc.  As well as for monitoring applications (data logging, transient recording, charge-discharge analysis, etc.).

Extensive analysis:   The Power Analyser is a high-end device in the market for high-precision power measurement. Flexible hardware combined with powerful software.  Plus the integration of additional signals such as temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, torque, GPS, video and more.

Comprehensive performance calculations: the system calculates over 100 performance parameters, such as P, Q, S, PF, cos phi, and many others.

The Dewesoft Power Analyser is not only the smallest power analyser in the world.  It’s also the most powerful one. The flexible hardware platform combined with powerful software features gives unique testing possibilities for any kind of electrical measurement.

FULLY ISOLATED: The “worry-free” solution provides isolation on the sensors side (channel to ground).  Also channel-to-channel and even isolated sensor excitation. Less noise, no ground loops, the best signal quality!

UP TO 64 ANALOG CHANNELS IN ONE INSTRUMENT: Data acquisition systems can be configured with up to 64 channels in single chassis solution. Multiple instruments can be synchronised together for the applications with higher channel count requirements.

With  no renewal or upgrade fees. Upgrades for Dewesoft X software are FREE forever. You also don’t require any additional license to view/analyse the data. Once the data file is stored it can be reviewed and analysed on unlimited computers without the need of additional software licenses.

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