Huntron Technical Support News

Huntron Technical Support News

Huntron recently released their Technical Newsletter for December 2018

Topics included:

  • New  Version 4.3.6850 Huntron Workstation released
  • Tech Support Quick Tip: Strange Problems in Workstation? Check your Regional Settings.

New Huntron Workstation released.  Version 4.3.6850 is now posted on the Huntron web site.   This version is mostly a maintenance update for Probers users.

However, besides the normal fixes there are some additions that benefit all Workstation users.
– Updates to Camera and Lighting Control for Access DH2
– Component Name is displayed in Teach camera image
– Component Z Down setting added to Component Group Edit function
– Sensorary drivers updated – Access and Access 2 users should install the camera update during Workstation installation
– Toolbar button added to assist with changing Access DH2 probes
– Clear Prober Stop toolbar button added that clears the software when the Prober STOP button is pressed
– Tracker and Prober firmware updates
– All Tutorials updated
– Option added to Access DH2 for different focal length lenses

QuickTip: Strange Problems in Workstation?  

If you have experience strange exception errors or odd behaviour with Huntron Workstation after upgrading a PC.  The issue may be that your Windows numerical and date configurations are in conflict with Workstations database setup.  The main culprits are decimals as commas rather than periods.  Date/Time Formats confuse the database Component Scans.

Check your Windows “Region and Language” accessed through the control panel.  The easiest method to set a compatible format is to select “English (United States)” for the drop down menu at the top.  However, in reality you may need to set the date/time and numeric formats.

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