Inverter Islanding Testing Application Note

Picture of Power lines at sunset.

An application note on Inverter Islanding Testing was written by our friends at Dewesoft. We have supplied a condensed version which highlights the key points, implications and briefly describes the solutions.  For further insight, read the original here.

What is Islanding?

Islanding occurs when a decentralised power source, like a solar power system or wind turbine, keeps providing electricity to the grid even when the utility power is offline.  It is dangerous to people and equipment.  That is why Inverter Island Testing was implemented. The diagram below illustrates the time delay when a unit goes down.

Illustration on how Islanding Works with current and voltage

Inverter Islanding Testing

This testing ensures safety and grid stability during power outages. Dewesoft’s automated solution simplifies and accelerates this critical process, ensuring compliance and reliability.

Key Points:

  • Inverter Islanding: Understand the significance of detecting and disconnecting distributed energy resources during grid failures.
  • Safety and Operational Concerns: Explore the risks posed by islanding, from worker safety to equipment damage.
  • Regulatory Standards: Learn about industry standards and compliance requirements for inverter islanding testing.
  • CPRI’s Testing Facility: Discover how CPRI’s state-of-the-art grid-tied inverter testing laboratory ensures quality and reliability.
  • Dewesoft Solution: Explore Dewesoft’s advanced instrumentation and software, tailored for precise and efficient disconnection time measurements. Starting with the Dewesoft R2 Data Acquisition System.
  • Test Procedure: Gain insights into the standardised test procedure for evaluating inverter islanding protection.
  • Benefits of Automation: Understand the advantages of automated disconnection time measurement, including time savings and enhanced accuracy.
  • Conclusion: Learn how Dewesoft’s solution streamlines inverter island testing, ensuring safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.


Automating disconnection time measurement, ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Dewesoft’s solution offers precise measurements, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

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