Isolated DAQ Device for temperature measurements

The IOLITEi 8xRTD-HS is a channel-to-channel isolated DAQ device for temperature measurements using RTD or resistance temperature detectors.  It is a new version of the 8-channel IOLITE temperature module.

Firstly, this product provides stable temperature measurements in an EMC harsh environment.  Such as on the stator of an electric motor or near inverters.  It not only improves the EMC immunity of the last unit on the digital side. But it also uses an analog antialiasing filter (3rd order, -3dB @ 1kHz) and digital FIR filters to remove the unwanted frequencies.

Secondly, the input connector is a 6-pin 0B Series Lemo Connector.  However, an additional connector option is a 4pin 2.5mm pitch terminal block connector (IOLITEi 8xRTD-HS-T2A4f).

This module uses 24-bit ADC.  With sampling rates of up to 10 kS/s per channel.  Therefore, allowing it to be used in the most demanding applications and to record the transients of temperature shock.  This higher sampling rate allows the Dewesoft filtering technology using the digital FIR filters to reduce the noise floor down to a resolution of less than 1 mK.

This RTD-HS module will be sold in parallel with the existing RTD module.  However, only for the EMC immunity related applications and applications with a higher sample rate need.

The other benefit is as with all IOLITE standard modules, it comes with two EtherCAT buses in parallel for both DAQ and real time control.  It can be mounted in all standard rack chassis.  Such as IOLITE-R12, IOLITE-R8 and IOLITE-R8r.

Coming soon will be a standalone version with a single EtherCAT bus.

For more information on the Dewesoft Isolated DAQ Device for temperature measurements, contact us.

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