More Powerful SBOX Industrial PCs for Dewesoft DAQ Systems

SBOXe Industrial PC for Dewesoft Data Acquisition System

Dewesoft DAQ Systems have got more powerful with the upgrade to the SBOX Industrial PCs.

Firstly, the SBOXe and SBOXre Industrial PCs have an 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor.  It is available for different SBOX versions and enclosures.  For example:

However, please note currently the SBOXre v2 is only available for the R8, R8R, R8rt and R8Rrt systems.

Secondly, the general SBOX features that have changed with this upgrade include:

  • Replacement of COM Express modules to 11th generation Intel CPU COM Express Type 6 Compact Modules – see comparison chart below
  • 2.5 GLAN interfaces providing highest bandwidth for data transfer.
  • Memory upgrade to 32GB (with option up to 48GB)
  • Removable high-speed SSD and 1 TB NVMe internal M2SSD on board with a 1 TB or 2 TB removable SATA SSD option for storage
  • CPU power consumption of 15W (typ.) / 28 W (max.)

Benchmark comparison between the existing CPU (i7-6822EQ) and the new i5-1145G7E Models

CPU Comparison from older model to new version

To learn more about Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems or the Powerful SBOX Industrial PCs, contact us.