Low Cost Data Acquisition System

low cost data acquisition system - iolited

Dewesoft have introduced the IOLITEd, a low cost Data Acquisition System.  Firsly, the IOLITEd is a standalone, distributed, cost effective data acquisition device with high end signal conditioning with free software.  Therefore, making it ideal for monitoring and industrial applications.

Secondly, signal amplifiers offer high end signal conditioning with 24 bit resolution at a high sampling rate of up to 50kHz/channel.  In addition, with the range of input and output slots, you can measure voltage, current, strain, stress, vibration, sound, temperature, digital counters and more.  Plus RJ45 Connectors, which allows super easy connection to the modules with a low cost Ethernet/EtherCAT Cable.

The Dewesoft X Data Acquisition Software provides great visualisation and processing capabilities.  Data stored in a time series database.  Then provided to SCADA Systems using standard interfaces such as OPC UA or XCP to support Industry 4.0 applications.

The modules are available in single or multi channel versions.  Linking together is possible.  Up to 100 Metres apart via Ethernet/EtherCAT Cable and DIN Rail Mounted.

To learn more about this low cost Data Acquisition System, contact us.