Miniature Haptic Sensor’s Medical Applications

Our friends at FUTEK have released a technical article on The challenges-in-designing-and-manufacturing-sensors-for-robotic-surgery

Over the past few decades, the technological advancement and financial investment in minimally invasive surgical technology has grown at an incredibly rapid pace.

In this technical article you will discover:

  • The obstacles of designing a sensor for intra-abdominal force measurement
  • The many gains and losses of minimally invasive robotic surgery
  • The necessary in-house manufacturing capabilities needed to successfully produce haptic sensors for robotic surgery

A Haptic Sensor recreates the sense of touch by measuring and applying forces, vibrations or motions to the patient using a tactile sensor.

To learn more about the autoclavable miniature haptic sensor and its 9 Medical fields and 24+ applications, click here. 

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