Next Gen Telemetry Systems

Next Gen Telemetry Systems

Advanced Telemetrics International (ATi) have released their next gen of Telemetry Systems.  Firstly, these systems will offer up to 4 channels per transmitter.  Therefore, increasing the rotary channel density.

Secondly, they have increased the analog bandwidth with a dynamic adjustment for the A/D sample rate.  So once the analog bandwidth is selected in the menu, the system will automatically adjust the A/D sample rate for a value.  Making it four times the analog bandwidth.  Therefore, resulting in higher quality data.

This latest release also provides up to eight channels per receiver.  The receivers can be integrated to provide increased channel density and multiple measurements.  A smart digital display provides test data and induction power supply voltage.   As seen by the transmitter, transmitter temperature and data quality.  This display allows the user to configure the display values, including the number digits and decimal point location and polarity.

New Counters for Telemetry Systems

There are variations between the menu items.  This is dependent on whether the system is battery powered, inductively powered, single or multi-channel and other differences.  New error checking processes provide an increased reliability of data.  Also, an improved noise rejection for clearer signals.

Finally, this new gen Telemetry Systems is backwards compatible.  Therefore, enabling users to mix and match transmitters and receivers of last gen inventory.

*The only model not included in the upgrade is the Torsional Acceleration Measurement System.

About ATI

ATI products are used for powertrain testing in Automotive, Aerospace and R&D Applications.  Their transmitters are crystal based. They do not require tuning and multi channels can be used at the same time as they prevent cross talking. The RF Output signal is power and enables the system to be immune to electrical interference. Manufactured from a high strength epoxy, they operate in harsh environments with excessive vibration and heat.

ATI’s telemetry transmitter products consist of single channel or multi channel.  There is a solution for most transducers or sensor inputs.  They can be battery, rechargeable battery  or inductively powered. Products include:

  • Wireless Telemetry Systems
  • Point to point telemetry systems
  • Telemetry transmitters
  • Telemetry receivers
  • Rotating torque sensors
  • Non contact torque sensors
  • As well as all types of rotating sensor measurements and non contact measurements.

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