PCIe Carrier Card for Short Depth Rugged Computers

Acropack Module Carrier Card

New ¾-Length PCI Express Expansion I/O Board Hosts Four Mini PCIe-based Modules for Short-Depth Rugged Server/Computers

Acromag introduces a new 25.4 cm (10-inch) AcroPack® module carrier card. With four I/O mezzanine slots for smaller mission computers and compact servers with fewer and shorter PCIe expansion bays.

Acromag’s newest PCIe carrier card for their family of AcroPack rugged I/O modules is ideal for use in smaller mission computers and servers with reduced-depth expansion slots. The APCe7043 ¾-length PCIe card lets system developers install a mix of up to four I/O function modules in expansion slots that can’t fit a full-size card over 25.4 cm long. AcroPack I/O modules are based on the PCI Express mini card (mPCIe) standard.  It is available for a wide variety of analog I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, FPGA, MIL-STD-1553, CAN bus, and other functions.

Designed for rugged applications, the AcroPack carrier and I/O modules are ideal for military.  Also in aerospace, oilfield and industrial applications where size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimisation is required. Common applications include data acquisition & control, test & measurement, simulation, and communication operations.

Firstly, the APCe7043 expansion board is only 25.4cm long (3/4-length PCIe) but can interface four plug-in AcroPack mezzanine I/O modules to the computer’s PCI Express bus. Secondly, two of the four mezzanine slots have sockets for optional isolated power supplies.  This supports the use of isolated I/O modules. Field I/O signals are routed directly to the AcroPack modules.  Completed by four 68-pin VHDCI connectors on the faceplate.

“This ¾-length PCIe expansion board offers great I/O versatility when using short-depth mission computers or rugged servers,” explained Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager. “Now when size and weight restrictions impede the ability to use a full-length card, there is a 10-inch alternative to the limited capabilities of a half-length card that still fits in many smaller computer chassis.”

APCe7043 PCIe Carrier Card Connection

AcroPack mezzanine modules improve on the mini PCI Express architecture.  Simply, by adding a down-facing 100-pin connector.  It securely routes the I/O through a carrier card to its integrated external connectors.  Thus, eliminating internal cables and metalwork modifications. Carrier cards for rack-mount, field-deployable, industrial chassis, desktop, and small mezzanine computing platforms.  Therefore, you can combine up to four I/O function modules on a single computer board. More than 25 models are available for data acquisition, signal processing, test & measurement, command/control, and network communication applications. Finally, Software tools support embedded applications running on Linux®, Windows®, or VxWorks® operating systems.

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