Portable Rugged Server Solution

Portable Rugged Server

This solution brief on the RE2624M a Portable Rugged Server, originally comes from our friends, USA based Crystal Group, Inc.  Technology leaders in rugged computer hardware, specialising in the design and manufacture of custom and commercial rugged serversembedded computingnetworking devices, displays, and data storage for high reliability in harsh environments.

In this article, Crystal discusses how they developed a field deployable portable rugged server for media management applications.  This product sets a new standard.  It delivers seamless, high speed data transfer, programming mission loads and offloading data from portable media in the most demanding of environments.  Further details discussed below.

Metromatics are proud to sell and support their product line in Australia & New Zealand.


Firstly, this system is equipped with up to 16 cores.  Enabling it to support a variety of workloads.  Including virtualisation, data processing, and other I/O-intensive tasks. The four external 10GbE connectors deliver fast uplink for media transfers to downstream users.

The RE2624M is versatile and has an adaptable configuration.  Using industry-standard bays, the RE2624M can be customised to accept any form of standard or non-standard media.  Allowing it to accommodate countless applications in a single system such as:

  • ISR data storage for mission-critical aircraft and mobile ground vehicles
  • Secure data transfer from command post or forward operating base
  • Pre-flight data load for special ops aircraft
  • Mission planning for multi-domain distribution using single-source inputs from various media platforms
  • Any scenario using various media formats that requires a common data input or extraction

Key features of the Portable Rugged Server RE2624M include:

  • Media receptacle for multiple drive packs
  • 16-drive RSS116 media canister
  • Cross-domain solution media canister
  • Crystal Group modular data canisters
  • One full-length and two short-depth 13.33cm bays
  • Up to a 16 core 2.2Ghz Intel Xeon D processor
  • Four 10GbE external connections: RJ45 or MIL-CIRC
  • Up to two M.2 SSDs non-removable storage
  • Up to 512GB DDR4
  • IPMI-enabled for remote setup, monitoring, and control
  • AC or DC power with optional battery power
  • Lightweight at approximately 15.88-18.14kg (dependent on contents)
  • Overall dimensions: H 37.11cm x W 23.42cm x D 56.34cm

Secondly, it is designed to reduce the hefty footprint of current media collection and transfer systems used in Military Aircraft.  It is now a portable piece weighing up to 18.14kg.  The dimensions meet commercial aircraft guidelines for carry-on luggage.  Made from carbon fibre and sealed to IP65 levels providing maximum protection during transport and storage.

Comparison Diagram of what portable server is now to before

The RE2624M supports data extraction. Whilst an optional second case facilitates the human machine interface.

Finally for more information, contact us or to read the original brief, click here.

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