Axle Load Sensors for Truck Monitoring

Wireless Axle load pressure sensor GNOM DP S7

Wireless Axle Load Sensors are used with GPS Tracking Systems and Vehicle Telematics Systems on Trucks.  They are used for axle load monitoring, preventing axle overload as well as cargo weight monitoring at loading/unloading docks.

The GNOM S7 are Axle Load Sensors.  Firstly, they are wireless.  They provide a quick connection to GPS unit.  Which then provides data to the Truck driver when loading or unloading a vehicle.

Secondly, there are two versions of this model available.  The GNOM DP S7 is for leaf spring suspension.  Installed on single or double rear axle.  It measures the truck frame shift in relation to the axle.  When cargo is being moved on the semi-trailer truck body. The lever movement angle is 0 to 360┬░ with an angle measurement inaccuracy of +/-1.5%.

Whereas the GNOM DDE S7 is for air suspension trucks.  Installed in the air line of suspension.  It measures air pressure.  Which is constantly changing depending on the vehicle load.  The pressure measurement range is 0.01 to 1.4 bar with an inaccuracy range of +/- 1%.

Advantages of Axle Load Sensors for Truck Monitoring include:

  • Embedded Battery with autonomous operation of up to 5 years
  • Uses wireless data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Quick installation
  • Highly accurate data
  • Cable damage is not possible as it is wireless
  • Parallel data transfer to GPS Tracker, Smartphones or tablets
  • Mobile App for Local Real Time Data Display

Monitoring with GPS or Vehicle Telematics System

So the GNOM S7 Axle load sensors send data using Bluetooth (BLE-Radio).   It sends information simultaneously to several receivers: tracker, smartphone, tablet.  Used by:

  • Fleet Manager to remotely monitor current truck axle load, places of car load or drop off, prevent truck overload and unauthorised cargo pick ups
  • Driver can check current axle load to prevent overloading
  • Mechanic can use the data during truck inspection and maintenance routines.

Monitoring with Smart Phone

Thirdly, the Axle Load Monitor App is used.  It shows data from axle load sensors.  The app allows saving calibration table for particular truck or sensor, checking live axle load data and check the sensor operation mode for signal quality or any other possible malfunctions.

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