Portable Touchscreen Monitors for in field applications

Dewesoft’s latest Innovation in Portable Touchscreen Monitors are the DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15.

Tailored for Flexibility and Performance

Firstly, the DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 are the epitome of what portable touchscreen monitors should be. Designed slim, compact, and incredibly versatile.  Therefore, monitors that are perfect for mounting or embedding in vehicles or aircraft. In addition, they shine equally as standalone portable screens for field use. Their slim profile and lightweight design make them an ideal choice for professionals who require mobility without sacrificing functionality.

Exceptional Compatibility and Ease of Use

One of the standout features of these monitors is their exceptional system compatibility and intuitive operation. Equipped with industry-leading dual video interfaces.  Such as HDMI and USB Type-C inputs.  Therefore, making them compatible with a wide range of devices.  Such as supporting both Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 audio and video signal inputs. This versatility ensures that these monitors can seamlessly integrate into various setups.  Providing a hassle-free user experience.

Advanced Portable Touchscreen Monitors Technology

The DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 boast a 10-point multi-touch operation, compatible with a stylus, gloves, and even wet or sweaty fingers. This feature is particularly beneficial.  Especially, in challenging environments where precision and quick interaction with the display is crucial. The monitors also feature projected capacitive touch panels.  Therefore, offering smooth and sensitive multi-touch support on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This advanced technology ensures excellent touch accuracy and sensing speed.  Making these monitors not just displays.  But interactive tools that enhance productivity.

Power and Connectivity – Designed for Real-World Applications

Understanding the diverse needs of their users, Dewesoft has equipped these monitors with flexible power options, applicable to both 12V and 5V inputs. The built-in USB Gain IC is a thoughtful addition, strengthening the touch signal over extended distances – a feature that is invaluable in large-scale setups. Moreover, the anti-jamming technology incorporated into these displays ensures that the touch signal remains accurate and stable, even in environments with high noise levels.

Mounting and Accessories – Ready for Any Challenge

Both the DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 come with a comprehensive set of mounting and connection accessories.  Making them ready for immediate deployment in a variety of settings. The additional USB-A ports provide further versatility.  Thereby, allowing users to connect a range of accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, or USB flash drive directly to the monitor.


Dewesoft’s DS-DISP-13 and DS-DISP-15 portable touchscreen monitors are more than just displays; they are a testament to Dewesoft’s commitment to innovation, quality, and understanding the needs of their customers. Whether used in industrial settings, mounted in vehicles, or as part of a portable field kit, these monitors are set to revolutionise the way professionals interact with their technology.

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