Power Analysers for Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Testing

Dewesoft is proud to announce the launch of two innovative additions to the SIRIUS® XHS-PWR Power Analyser family, specifically designed to revolutionise in-vehicle testing for electric and hybrid vehicles. The newly introduced SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-250A-UNI and SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-CON power analysers are set to redefine the standards of safety, precision, and efficiency in high-power, in-vehicle measurements, catering specifically to the burgeoning e-mobility market.

**Innovative Measurement Technology for Unmatched Precision**

At the heart of these power analysers lies the patented DC-CT (Direct Current – Current Transducer) zero-flux transducer technology, based on the Platiše Flux Sensor (PFS). This groundbreaking technology ensures unparalleled precision in measuring AC and DC currents, boasting an error margin of less than 0.1% and a bandwidth exceeding 500 kHz. The DC-CT transducer’s robust design ensures minimal temperature drift, exceptional linearity, and superior overload capability, making it ideal for capturing battery DC and motor AC currents, even at higher frequencies.

**HybridADC® Technology: High Bandwidth Meets Dynamic Measurements**

Dewesoft’s proprietary HybridADC® technology empowers the SIRIUS XHS-PWR analysers to deliver both high bandwidth and dynamic measurement capabilities within a single device. With current and voltage sampling rates up to 15 MS/s and a bandwidth reaching 5 MHz, these analysers are equipped to handle the most demanding applications in e-mobility testing.

**Safety, Durability, and Data Integration of Power Analysers for Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Testing **

Compliance with the EN 61010-1 safety standard guarantees channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation up to CATII 1000 V.  Therefore, ensuring user safety and system reliability. The analysers’ IP65-rated chassis is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations, making them suitable for rigorous testing environments. Furthermore, the integration of measured data is simplified via Ethernet, XCP, OPC UA, and CAN interfaces.  In addition, with synchronisation capabilities enhanced by the IEEE 1588v2 PTP timing protocol.

**Product Highlights**

– **SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-250A-UNI**: This analyser excels in measuring voltages up to ±2000 V and currents up to ±500A.  With a maximum sampling rate of 15 MS/s. Its universal connectivity supports a wide range of multicore cables and connector types. Therefore, ideal for analysing total power consumption in electric vehicles.

**SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-CON**: Tailored for high-capacity measurements, it can handle voltages up to ±2000 V and currents up to ±2000A.  Therefore, making it perfect for powertrain efficiency, real-drive testing, and comprehensive transient analysis.

**Empowering the Future of E-Mobility**

The introduction of the SIRIUS® XHS-PWR power analysers marks a significant milestone in the advancement of e-mobility measurement technology. By providing engineers with the tools to accurately analyse energy flows and optimise vehicle designs.  Dewesoft is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of electric and hybrid vehicles. As the e-mobility sector continues to evolve. Dewesoft remains committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the industry’s dynamic challenges, driving innovation towards a greener future.

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