E-Mobility Power Measuring DAQ

The SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-UNI is an E-Mobility Power Measuring DAQ System.  It is designed to measure voltages up to +/-2000 V (0.03% accuracy) and currents up to +/- 2000A with a maximum sampling rate of 15 MS/s.  The unit is universal due to its high voltage harness connection and allowing the use of different cable and connector types.

It is part of the Dewesoft SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR product family which provides safe high power in-vehicle measurements of current, voltage and power in e-mobility applications using Hybrid ADC technology.

The SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-UNI allows e-car engineers to perform energy flow analysis easily and accurately and better optimise their designs.

E-Mobility Power Measuring DAQ Systems for the future of E-Mobility and Electric Vehicles are delivered with the Dewesoft SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-UNI.

Firstly, the Hybrid ADC technology contained within the product allows it to be used in early development applications.  Such as transient, harmonic analysis, powertrain efficiency and more. In addition, it is used at the validation stage.  Such as performing standardised driving cycles like WLTP (which are often used to determine the driving range and full power analysis).

Secondly, current measurement is conducted by a DC-CT zero flux transducer based on Platise Flux Sensors (PFS). Therefore, providing high precision measurements of AC and DC currents (<0.1%) with a high bandwidth (>500 kHz).  Also the DC-CT current transducer provides low temperature drift, linearity and overload capability.

Measurement of battery DC and motor AC currents, including all higher frequency signals can be performed easily.


Features of E-Mobility Power Measuring DAQ System include:


HYBRID ADC TECHNOLOGY: Firstly, offers everything you ever wanted out of a high-end data acquisition system. In addition, high bandwidth, and high dynamic measurements in one device.


HIGH DYNAMIC ALIAS-FREE DAQ: Alias-free filtering allows perfect acquisition of 2 MS/s sampling signals with up to 140 dB dynamic range.

PERFECT SYNCHRONISATION USING IEEE 1588v2 PTP TIMING PROTOCOL: Data is synchronised with other data from CAN BUS, GPS and IMU data, video and more.

SYSTEM TESTED TO EN 61010-1 SAFETY STANDARD: This provides channel to channel and channel to ground isolation to CATII 1000 V.

IP65 RATED CHASSIS: Power lines run through the chassis and operates between -20°C and 70°C.  Withstands high shock and vibration.  Internal temperature monitoring is provided.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR-1xHV-1xDC-CT-1000A-UNI device, a connection cable and a set of various mounting accessories for HV harnesses, all packed in a plastic case.

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Finally, Metromatics proudly sell, service and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.


Accessories for E-Mobility Power Measuring DAQ System to provide a simple connectivity solution include:


ETH-POWER-JUNCTION: Combination of data and power lines for the single cable connection to the SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR device.  Intended for use with single SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR unit.

DS-6xLAN-L1B: A 6 Port GbE switch with a PTP synchronization is the best solution when using multiple SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR devices.  It contains 4 downlink ports on the front panel and 2 uplink ports (RJ45 connectors on the back panel).  Each of the ports can handle traffic up to 1Gbps. Downlink ports use LEMO 1B Series connectors and include passive PoE options providing power to units.

DS-6xLAN-RJ45: A network switch which uses RJ45 connectors on the 4 front ports.  Therefore, making it suitable for standard SIRIUS-XHS devices.

 DS-MOUNT6: Suitable for both DS-6xLAN Switches allowing a fully stackable solution

Finally, CAN communication is supported by SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR.  Along with a waterproof D-SUB9 connector on the side.  Usage of special CAN-SYNC breakout adaptor cable (D9fw-D9m-L00B4f-Xm-CAN-SYNC) allows CAN connection.  Also synchronisation with legacy devises using standard IRIG-B-DC timecode.