14 Bit High Density ADC Analog Module AP342

The AP342 is an AcroPack® 14 Bit High Density ADC Analog Module. It provides simultaneous A/D conversion of up to six channels. With simultaneous channel conversion and on-board memory enable megahertz throughput rates. Greater control is achieved by the programmable interrupts which help simplify data acquisition.

AcroPack® Modules are ideally used by Defence, Aerospace, Automation, Scientific and Research Lab Industries.

The AP342 is 14-Bit High Density ADC Analog Module.

Firstly, the AP342 is based on the Acromag AcroPack® product line, which has a PCIe interface format. AcroPack® offers products in a compact size, at a low cost with the same functionality and memory map of existing Industry Pack Modules in a rugged form factor. Also they are RoHS compliant.

The AP342 contains twelve differential analog inputs.  Arranged as two six channel banks. Six A/D Converters (ADC) permit simultaneous conversion of up to six channels in a bank. Therefore, a FIFO buffer holds the first bank’s data while the second is converted. The conversion of each bank requires only 8µs and 12 channels are done in 16 µs.

The flexible configuration options give extensive control over the conversion process. User programmable interfaces include the channels, bank, timing, scan mode and other parameters. The interrupt support adds further control. It allows the flagging of a FIFO that is full or filled to user defined threshold level.

The AP342 modules are 70mm long and only 19.05mm longer than a full length mini PCIe card. It is the same width as the mPCIe board and a down facing 100 pin Samtec connector will mate with the carrier card.

Features of AP342 14 Bit High Density ADC Analog Module include:

  • PCI Express Generation 1 interface
  • 6 x 14 Bit A/D Converters with simultaneous multi channel conversion
  • 8µs Conversion time (125kHz) for 6 Channel Bank
  • 12 Differential Inputs with ±10VDC Input Range
  • FIFO Buffer with 1025 sample memory
  • FIFO threshold Interrupt condition
  • Programmable Channel Conversion Control
  • Programmable Conversion Timer
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Mix and Match countless I/O Combinations in a single slot
  • PCIe, VPX and XMC Carrier suitability
  • Linux®, Windows® and VX Windows® Support


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