6005U 6U DC Powered Portable Enclosure

The 6005U 6U DC Powered Portable Enclosure is an enclosure for 10 I/O modules.  As a result it has 10 slots for Series 6000 input and output modules.  It also comes with a Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) computer interface for programming, control and data output. Users that require a larger enclosure or distributed installations  can combine enclosures.  Finally the 6005U operates via DC for mobile applications.

All system connections are made on the front.  As a result, users can locate the 6005U 6U DC Powered Portable Enclosure in the tightest of spaces. The 6005U also comes with integral fans that supply cooling air to the modules and power supply. Furthermore, power is 10 to 20 VDC with 21 to 32 VDC also available.  Additionally, an included power adapter is provided for operation from 120/240 VAC.

A sample clock bus is also provided for multi rack installations. Programming and data transfer is USB 2.0.  As a result high data transfer rates with low, predictable latency are achievable. The 6005U also interfaces to the USB 2.0 port provided on most PC computers, including laptops.  Additionally, the interface cable is 3 meters long but extends when combined with Ethernet using the Control & Data Processor (CDP) option.

Data Redundancy

A Data Redundancy option is also available. To achieve this, A 2.5″ HD (Module 6095) mounts on the USB controller board in each 6005U enclosure and provides a redundant recording point for the DAS. As a result, in the unlikely event the Operators Workstation or DAS Software fails, data continues to record in each enclosure.  Data is then recoverable from the system post-test.

Operators Workstation

Finally, the Operators Workstation (PCCOWU-LT) is the primary control and data recording point for the Series 6000 DAS. The PCCOWU-LT is typically a laptop, that connects to the 6005U’s USB port and runs PI660 Data Acquisition Software for system setup, calibration, display, recording, distribution and export.

6005U 6U DC Powered Portable Enclosure Key Features:

  • DC Enclosure for 10 I/O Modules
  • USB 2.0 Interface provides 4.8 MS/s aggregate data rate
  • Calibration voltage input
  • Alarm busses for control external equipment
  • Optional remote operation using gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional on-board data storage
  • Built-in fans and front mounted connections

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