6DOF USB Vibration Measurement System 5384

The 5384 provides fast, portable, cost effective 6DoF vibration surveys and data acquisition. It is known as the Vibrascout™. It is a plug and play portable data acquisition system containing an 8-pole elliptical anti-aliasing filter and measures X, Y, Z, acceleration along with roll, pitch & yaw.

Applications in which it is used include:

  • Develop Pass/Fail Criteria for vibration or shock based product testing
  • Document before and after condition to assess effectiveness of design changes
  • Perform ride quality and other whole body human response studies
  • Establish basis for simplified machinery condition monitoring program
  • Pin point and prove sources of unwanted vibration
  • Measure tilt angles on heavy equipment, construction sites and structures

The Dytran 5384 Model is a 6 DoF USB Vibration measurement System.

Firstly, the easy to install software allows for 3D acceleration acquisition along with angular velocity measurement.

Secondly, the VibraScount™ can plot recorded data, zoom and select a specific time frame or recorded data for post processing. It can also reproduce interpolated oversampled data to provide better resolution of vibration signals. It can export multiple file types too.

Finally, an application programming interface is available for customers. This will allow customers to build custom applications for the VibraScout™.

Other features include:

  • Apply post–processing analysis to record data from VibraScout™ 6D sensor
  • Contains an innovative 8–pole elliptical anti–aliasing filter
  • Measures X, Y, Z acceleration, along with roll, pitch, yaw
  • Real time display of acceleration, gyro and temperature data with 5 seconds of buffer
  • Test Log to display RMS, Max, Min, and pk–pk plots for overall recorded data “Scope Preview” feature for data playback
  • Single and double integration for velocity and displacement calculation
  • User defined filters for each individual channel FFT and octave analysis
  • Multi–channel overlays
  • One click export of all plots and text files to data file directory

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6DOF USB Vibration Measurement System 5384

5384Accelerometer range 137.3 m/s², gyro input range 6000°/s, 4–pin 1/4–28 radial connector, mounting via two #4 or M3 screws, 25 grams, embedded µcontroller,–40 to +85°c Operation


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