8 Channel Voltage Output Analog Mezzanine Module AP236

The AP236 is an AcroPack® 16 Bit DAC with 8 Channel Isolated Voltage Output Mezzanine Module. It outputs analog voltage signals to drive up to 8 devices. Each output channel has its own 16-bit D/A converter (DAC) which eliminates errors or glitches caused found on multiplexed output boards.

AcroPack® Modules are ideally used by Defence, Aerospace, Automation, Scientific and Research Lab Industries.

The AP236 is 16-Bit DAC, 8 Channel Isolated Voltage Output Analog Mezzanine Module.

Firstly, the AP236 is based on the Acromag AcroPack® product line, which has a PCIe interface format. AcroPack® offers products in a compact size, at a low cost with the same functionality and memory map of existing Industry Pack Modules in a rugged form factor. Also they are RoHS compliant.

The AP236 can drive up to 8 devices on the output analog voltage signals it provides. It can be used with a carrier that holds four AcroPack AP modules. Therefore, up to 32 voltage outputs can be obtained from a single card cage slot. The AP236 modules are 70mm long and only 19.05mm longer than a full length mini PCIe card. It is the same width as the mPCIe board and a down facing 100 pin Samtec connector will mate with the carrier card.

There are six Independent Software selectable output ranges as well as capabilities to monitor the status of each output of the AP236.

Features of AP236 8 Channel Isolated Voltage Output Analog Mezzanine Module include:

  • PCI Express Generation 1 interface
  • Independent 16-bit D/A converters per channel
  • Software and Diagnostics
  • Double Buffered DACs
  • Calibration Co-efficient built in
  • Independent selectable output ranges
  • Output reset to 0 volts
  • Alarm Function and Wide Temperature Range
  • Mix and Match countless I/O Combinations in a single slot PCIe, VPX and XMC Carrier suitability
  • Linux®, Windows® and VX Windows® Support



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