Analog Output Industry Pack Module IP235

The IP235A in an Analog Output Industry Pack Module and contains 8 voltage output channels. Individual Digital Analog Converters are on each channel with an 10.0uS settling time and a selectable output range of ±5, ±10V, 0-10V.

Used mainly in embedded computing applications and attaches to an IP-Carrier board to provide greater flexibility and power to the computing system.

The Acromag IP235A is an Analog Output Industry Pack Module with a 16 bit D/A Converter and Internal RAM to enhance control over the transfer of data to the DAC. It produces highly accurate analog voltage signals which drive 8 devices. However, when it is used with a carrier card that holds four IP modules, up to 32 voltage outputs can be achieved from a single card cage slot.

Firstly, each output channel has its own 16-bit D/A converter (Digital Analog Converter or DAC). It is found that individual DACs are fast. They also eliminate glitches caused by re-acquisition process of sample and holds found on multiplexed output boards.

Each channel has a dedicated 2K sample RAM buffer. All channels share a global clock. A start trigger transfers digital values from the buffer to the DAC. Four modes offer several choices for the data transfer. Continuous mode simultaneously updates all the channels by cycling through the buffer until a software halt command is received. Single-cycle mode simultaneously updates all channels but only cycles through the buffer once for each start trigger.

Features of the Analog Output Industry Pack Module 16 bit D/A with RAM IP235 include:

  • 8 Analog voltage outputs
  • Individual 16-bit D/A converters per channel
  • Global timer for all channels supporting clock rates of up to 100KHz
  • Waveform memory (2K samples/channel)
  • Software, external, or internal timer triggers
  • Interrupt capability
  • External trigger output
  • User-programmable interval timer
  • 0 to 70°C (IP235-8) or -40 to 85°C (IP235-8E models)


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