Asset Tracking Solution StarPin

Our Partner’s Asset tracking system is the most advanced asset tracking product available on the market today. It communicates via the extremely efficient CatM1/NB-IOT Mobile network. Designed with high precision GNSS systems to always deliver precise GPS locations.

It operates by solar power. But it can also be used as a live powered up device via a USB power supply system. Typical applications for this product include: • Fleet Tracking • Load Dispatch and Delivery Planning with LevelCon Software

The LevelCon StarPin is a solar powered Asset Tracking Solution.

Firstly, it is designed for simple installation on any mobile asset. It is housed in an IP67 enclosure. Therefore, weather events and water are of little concern. It is lightweight and about the size of a credit card. Plus, it contains a strong neodymium magnet which allows the device to be mounted securely to nearly any metal surface.

Secondly, the StarPin contains a built-in solar panel and uses solar energy to power the device. However, in the event of no sun, the device can be powered using a standard USB port. It operates at temperatures between -20° and 65°C.

Thirdly, installation is easy. If there is no metal surface it can be securely attached by zip ties through the integrated enclosure design or permanently mounted using 4 screws. The StarPin is activated from a built-in gyro which detects vibrations and movements.

Initial start up

1. Shake the unit and the monitor will start its reporting sequence

2. Log onto LevelCon’s web portal using the provided username and password

3. After the first successful report, the device location will populate on the integrated web map

4. Plus, the device can be configured to report at specific times during the day.   Enabling regular reporting even if the device does not detect movement

Finally, for more information, contact us.


Other features of the Asset Tracking Solution StarPin

  • Compatible CatM1 LTE carriers and 2G Fallback
  • GPS enabled for mobile asset tracking
  • 24/7 access to data on LevelCon Cloud
  • As well as Solar Powered with optional USB input power
  • Gyro Detection and Activation Scheduled reporting
  • Also Shock sensor logging for measuring run-time or localised motion profile
  • Mesh aggregator – read nearby Mesh Sensors and report their data
  • Mobile aided GPS in the event of poor GPS Signal
  • Geo-Fencing can be enabled and alerts provided if outside the intended route


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