Charge Mode Pressure Sensor 2180C

The 2180C Model is a charge mode pressure sensor with a high sensitivity of 600 pC/psi, designed to measure high intensity gas-borne sound pressure levels up to 191 dB. Whilst, operating in high temperatures up to 260°C.

Other applications include industrial turbine pressure monitoring and turbine combustor dynamics.

The Dytran Model 2180C is a Charge Mode Pressure Sensor.

Firstly, the design of this model uses a special high temperature piezoceramic material. This generates are charge signal in response to sound pressure acting on the stainless-steel diaphragm. The sensor is acceleration compensated. As this reduces the risk of ambient vibration signals adding to the signal output.

Secondly, the model features internal electrical isolation. This avoids EMI/Ground Loop interference. As well as Faraday shielding of the sensing element which prevents AC noise pick up from external sources. Therefore, the sensing element is always electrically isolated from the mounting surface including the diaphragm.

Features include:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • TNC Axial Connector and 1 1/8-12 Mounting Thread
  • Hermetically Sealed for reliable operation in high humidity and dirty environments
  • Base Isolated Acceleration Compensated
  • +260°C Operation
  • Charge Mode


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Charge Mode Pressure Sensor 2180C

2180C0.087 pC/Pa sensitivity, 68947 Pa range, TNC axial connector, 1 1/8–12 mounting thread, 175 grams,–51 to +260°C operation

Recommended Accessories: 4110C, 4114B1, 4120, 4705, 6620, 4105C, 6620  



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