Current Source Power Unit 4105C

Model 4105C is a single, battery operated portable current source power unit. It is designed to operate with IEPE accelerometer, pressure transducers and force sensors which contain integral amplifiers.

The Dytran 4105C model is a current source power unit.

Firstly, the power unit supplies 2 mA of constant current to operate the IC amplifier built in the IEPE sensor. However, this model decouples the sensor signal which is super imposed on the sensor DC bias voltage. It blocks the sensor bias. It adds voltage gain of X1, X10 or X100 to the dynamic sensor signal. A 4-position rotary switch which is also the power on/off switch selected the specific gain.

Secondly, power to operate the sensor is by 2 x 9 volt dry cell batteries. Units feature BNC sensor and output jack connectors and filtering options. A 50uA full scale DC voltmeter on the front panel provides battery test and fault monitor functions.

Features include:

  • Designed to operate with IEPE accelerometer, pressure transducers & force sensors
  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • Single Channel
  • Provides constant source of current
  • Adds voltage gain of X1, X10, X100 to sensor signal


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Current Source Power Unit 4105C

4105C2 mA constant current, gain x1, x10, x100, BNC jack input connector, BNC jack output connector


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