Data Acquisition System SIRIUS X

The SIRIUS® X data acquisition system revolutionises vehicle dynamics, vibration testing, and acoustic applications. This powerful system features up to 32 input channels within a single chassis, offering a sample rate of 200kS/s at 24-bit resolution.

Equipped with modern data interfaces, including USB C, SD Card*, CAN-FD, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports with RJ45 connectors, the SIRIUS® X ensures open and flexible connectivity. The Ethernet ports support PTPv2 synchronisation and active Power over Ethernet (PoE), enhancing system integration capabilities.

Dewesoft’s superior data acquisition hardware and software, ensuring seamless and precise data collection without missing a single sample. The included DewesoftX software provides robust data visualisation and signal processing features, making the SIRIUS® X the ideal solution for advanced data acquisition needs.

*SD Card feature will be activated in coming months with Software/Firmware upgrade.

The SIRIUS® X is a data acquisition system with up to 32 analog input ports housed in a single, fan-less, rugged aluminium chassis.  It is part of the X-Line family.

The X-Line is the next gen of Data Acquisition Systems being released by our partner, powerhouse manufacturer Dewesoft. This set of instruments will revolutionise how you collect and analyse data.  With a focus on easier setup, reduced cabling, enhancing speed and technology, but doing so by reducing the overall cost. Hassle free set up and interconnectivity using DS-LAN feature with other X family members such as IOLITE® X, SIRIUS® XHS and OBSIDIAN®.

The SIRIUS® X is available in 16 or 32 channel chassis options. Expansion is easy. Multiple devices can be daisy chained. Connection is by a single Ethernet Cable that carries in power, data, and synchronisation signals all in one.  Simplifying setup and cable clutter for multiple devices.

In addition, the SIRIUS® X is also an OpenDAQ™ compliant device.  OpenDAQ™ is an upcoming protocol that is an Open-Source Data Acquisition Software Development Kit that adheres to industry standards. Giving you the power to access data from sensors, other data acquisition devices and instruments that are also OpenDAQ™ compliant.

Features of SIRIUS® X Data Acquisition System include:

16 OR 32 CHANNELS – YOU CHOOSE YOUR MODEL: Built based on the familiar SIRIUS® Modular chassis. X Models can hold up to 32 analog input channels in the same chassis. Therefore, doubling the available channel count and significantly reducing the price per channel.

BROAD SELECTION OF AMPLIFIERS:  Such as voltage measurement, strain gauge (with all types of bridge configurations), and IEPE signal detection. In addition, they are TEDS-compatible for effortless sensor identification and feature programmable sensor excitation.

FAST DATA COLLECTION: The SIRIUS® X signal amplifiers reach speeds up to 200 kS/s per channel.  In addition, the sampling rate can be configured for each channel through the software settings.

HIGH QUALITY SIGNAL PROCESSING: Of up to 160dB.  Every analog input channel features a 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC and anti-aliasing filter to ensure superior quality.

CAN AND CAN-FD INTERFACE: The SIRIUS® X device port supports 1Mbit/Sec (CAN) and 8Mbit/Sec (CAN-FD) data.  In addition, it’s compatible with XCP, CCP, OBDII and J1939 protocols.

SIMPLE CONNECTION WITH GIGABIT ETHERNET INTERFACE: The GbE interface supports PTPv2 Synchronisation as well as active Power Over Ethernet (PoE).  Data transfer, power supply and synchronisation achieved by a single ethernet cable.

PTPv2 SYNCHRONISATION: Highly accurate data synchronisation in your measurements achieved by using Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2) over Ethernet.

SUPPORTS ACTIVE POWER OVER ETHERNET (PoE): Link and power multiple devices in a chain with PoE.  It includes a built-in power injector to prevent voltage drops.  Therefore, ensuring a reliable power supply throughout the chain.

POWER SENSORS DIRECTLY FROM SIGNAL AMPLIFIERS: Programmable power supply for each channel.  Therefore, offering independent control of the power  needed to activate each sensor.

DAISY CHAIN DEVICES:  Multiple devices can be daisy chained.  Achieved by using an Ethernet cable that supports active PoE and PTPv2 synchronisation.

FANLESS CHASSIS ENCLOSURE: Designed without cooling fans makes this device suitable for use in industrial and dusty environments.

DAQ SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software is included. All upgrades to the software are free forever with no hidden licensing costs.


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