Digital Input Module High Voltage IP400

The IP400 Digital Input modules monitors up to 40 input channels in the 0-60V DC Input range. It monitors the change of state interrupts of up to 12 channels and monitors the on/off status of up to 40 devices.

This product is used for a range of applications. Typical uses include in industrial automation and control equipment to communicate the on/off status between remote devices, critical control signals and controllers.

The Acromag IP400 is a Digital Input Module which monitors DC High Voltage and the on/off status of critical control signals.

Firstly, the loopback monitoring of control signals is easily achieved with the IP400 reading the output state of Acromag’s IP405 Output Module. This is because the two modules share the same field interface points for direct loopback compatibility. The loopback monitoring also enables self-test and fault diagnostics to detect open switches and shorts. Configuration of the modules is simple with the software commands. As it eliminates confusing jumper settings and switches. It also provides the ability to configure interrupts for a change of state or level detection on any bit on up to 12 channels.

Buffered inputs include hysteresis for increased noise immunity. Plus, the high impedance inputs minimise loading of input source and input current. Therefore, faster data processing occurs because only one “wait” state is required for a read and write operation.

Other Features of the Digital Input Module, High Voltage IP400 include:

  • 40 digital inputs
  • 0 to 60V DC input range
  • TTL input threshold with hysteresis
  • Change-of-state/level interrupts (up to 12 channels)
  • Loopback monitoring of output states (with IP405)
  • 0 to 70°C (IP400) or -40 to 85°C (IP400E model)
  • Buffered inputs include hysteresis for increased noise immunity.
  • Interrupts can be generated for change of state or level detection.
  • As well as loopback monitoring enables self-test and fault diagnostics to detect open switches or shorts.
  • High impedance inputs minimize loading of the input source and input current


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