Ethernet Analog Input Output Modules ES2151

These Etherstax I/O units provide a high speed and density solution to interface a large quantity of analog input and output signals.

The ES2151 accepts 32 single ended analog current or voltage inputs, 16 analog current outputs and has Modbus TCP/UDP i2o communication.

The Acromag ES2151 are Ethernet Analog Input Output Modules.

Firstly, other than accepting 16 single ended analog voltage inputs and 16 single ended current inputs. The ES2151 has two DB25 ports to support an alternate interface of voltage I/O from microBlox® uB input or output modules. This variation is ideal for many sensor interface applications in remote zones.

Secondly, the EtherStax units are built and tested for performance in harsh environments. Available as an aluminium enclosure or as an open circuit board. Both formats stack vertically to maintain a very small footprint.

Features of the Ethernet Analog Input Output Modules ES2151 include:

  • Combination of 48-channel analog inputs and outputs DB25 port for alternate voltage inputs from microBlox uB signal conditioning backpanels
  • 4 way isolation and surge suppression
  • High resolution 16-bit A/D and D/A’s
  • 10ms update of all 48 channels
  • Automatic zero/span calibration
  • Built in loop back circuit verifies outputs
  • On demand self test verifies calibration
  • Web browser configuration
  • Sample averaging and integration/totalisation function with non volatile registers user configurable
  • Dual formal data registers support 16-bit integers or 32-bit floating point
  • Scaling registers on all channels
  • Peer to peer i2o communication with percent of span and timed updates
  • -40 to 70°C operating temperature


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