Hybrid Accelerometer System 5334

Model 5334 is a high temperature hybrid vibration monitoring system. It consists of a charge mode accelerometer and inline miniature differential charge amplifier operating from a constant 2 wire IEPE power unit that is permanently joint together as a single unit with an interconnecting integral hardline cable.

Applications it is used for include

  • High Temperature Industrial Vibration Monitoring
  • High Temperature Turbine Vibration Measurements
  • General Purpose High Temperature Monitoring

The Dytran 5334 Model a hybrid accelerometer system.

Firstly, it is unique as it combines both an IEPE and charge mode piezoelectric technologies into a single operating unit. The accelerometer is connected to the input of charge amplifier. This is done by using 45 cm long hardline cable (Si02 insulated) which is un affected by high temperatures at the point of measurement.

Secondly, the 5334 has a case isolated design and hermetically sealed. Therefore, it avoids EMI/Ground loop interference and can operate in harsh environments. It operates in temperatures up to +482°C. Along with industry standard tri-bolt mount made from stainless steel.

Other features include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Hermetic
  • +482°C operation
  • Case Isolated
  • Integrated Differential Amplifier


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Hybrid Accelerometer System 5334 Model

Model Specifications
5334 High Temperature Hybrid Accelerometer System, 1.02 mV/m/s² sensitivity, 4905 m/s² range, 45.7 cm integral hardline cable, D38999 (3–pin) connector, 150 grams,–54 to +482°C Accelerometer Operation,–46 to +85°C Charge Amplifier Operation

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