LPG Tank Monitoring STM94442A

Our Partner’s Stationary LPG Tank Monitoring Solution is designed into most LPG Gas Tank Projects in the US today.   It is also FCC approved and used in US Mobile Tower backup generator monitoring systems.

It enables the monitoring of two tanks with one unit and is easy to install.

Features of this product include: Overfill Protection Provides Tank Levels and leak detection Interfaces easily with Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and PLCs Low capital investment with a quick ROI

The LevelCon STM94442A is a stationary LPG Tank Monitoring Solution.

Firstly, it monitors two tanks with one unit and is field programmable with high/low set points. The first channel sensor is included, and no special tools are required for the easy installation. Junior and Senior Gauge sensors for LPG tanks are available and it is compatible with float gauges in fuel, oil and ammonia tanks.

Secondly, the LPG Tank monitor contains 5 buttons for setting parameters and has a RS232 interface for programming and saving the parameters to your PC. The RS232 to RTU function directly retrieves product levels. Also the alarm relay form “C”, 10A dry contacts to each channel. It contains an analog output of 0-5vDC per channel. Options include 4-20 mA output per channel as well as optional wireless link from monitor to tank.

This unit is housed in a robust weatherproof enclosure measuring 11.43 cm x 16.51 cm x 7.62 cm and operates in temperature range of -28.8° to 60°C. It also includes 240v AC Power Supply. Finally, this product is compatible with other 4-20mA sensors and signals.

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Other features of the LPG Tank Monitoring Solution STM94442A

  • 2 lines x 16 character LCD for easy viewability and control
  • RS232 interface for programming and saving parameters to PC Weatherproof enclosure
  • Monitors two tanks with one unit
  • Easy installation


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