LPG Tank Monitoring STM94442A

The STM 94442A is an accurate and reliable liquid level monitoring solution for stationary tanks.  It provides precise level measurement inside storage tanks for a wide range of liquids including propane, LPG, diesel, petrol, ammonia, and other industrial liquids.

This advanced technology ensures that you have a constant, real-time view of the level of your stored liquids, allowing you to optimise your operations and prevent costly and potentially dangerous overflows or shortages.

Join the countless satisfied customers who use the STM 94442 as their LPG Tank Monitoring System or part of their Fuel Tank Monitoring Equipment for Diesel Generators, which keep their operations running smoothly and safely.

The LevelCon STM94442A is the perfect stationary LPG Tank Monitoring System.  However, it can be used to provide accurate tank levels for a range of liquids from diesel, petrol, propane – basically anything stored in a stationary industrial tank.

The STM 94442A also offers several additional features that make it a valuable investment. For instance, it can monitor two tanks with one unit, and is field programmable with high/low set points and overfill and leak detection issues.

Additionally, the STM 94442A features 5 buttons for setting parameters, as well as an RS232 interface for programming and saving the parameters to your PC. The alarm relay form “C” offers 10A dry contacts to each channel, and it contains an analog output of 0-5vDC per channel. Options include 4-20 mA output per channel, as well as an optional wireless link from monitor to tank.

The STM 94442A is housed in a robust weatherproof enclosure measuring 11.43 cm x 16.51 cm x 7.62 cm, and operates in a temperature range of -28.8° to 60°C. It also includes a 240v AC Power Supply.

This product is designed into most LPG Gas Tank Projects in the US today, and is FCC approved for use in US Mobile Tower backup diesel generator monitoring systems. With its wide range of features and capabilities, the LevelCon STM 94442A Stationary Monitor is the perfect solution for accurate and reliable liquid level monitoring in stationary tanks.

Accurate and reliable level measurement in Stationary Tank Monitoring

The STM 94442A provides highly accurate level measurement, with a resolution of 0.1% and an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. This ensures that you always have an up-to-date and accurate view of the level of your stored liquids.

Wide range of compatible liquids:

The STM 94442A can be used with a wide range of liquids.  Including propane, LPG, diesel, fuel, and other industrial liquids.  Therefore, making it a versatile solution for a variety of applications.

Easy to install and use:

The STM 94442A is designed to be easy to install and use.  With a simple and intuitive interface.  In addition, it is compact and has a rugged design that can withstand harsh environments.

Real-time monitoring and alerts:

The STM 94442A provide real-time monitoring of liquid levels, with alerts and alarms.  They notify you of low or high levels, leaks, and other potential issues.

Remote monitoring and data logging:

The STM 94442A can be accessed remotely, allowing you to monitor liquid levels and receive alerts from anywhere. It also features data logging capabilities, which can be useful for tracking usage, predicting demand, and optimising operations.

Overall, the LevelCon STM 94442A Stationary Monitor provides stationary tank telemetry.  Ideal for anyone who needs accurate and reliable liquid level monitoring. Its versatility, ease of use, and advanced capabilities make it a valuable addition to any stationary tank setup.

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