Machinery Condition Monitoring System RL-M57

This condition monitoring system is intended for permanent installation for machinery monitoring.  It can also be used for collision and fault detection.

It supports the control of up to 24 different parameters.  For each of the parameters, the user can set abort and tolerance levels.

The Rula-Tech RL-M57 is a Machinery Condition Monitoring System.  Firstly, it operates in three modes.

  1. General monitoring – key signal parameter evaluation with collision detection capability
  2. Shock Detection – fast 0.2ms reaction time
  3. Continuous Data Recording – for subsequent analysis


Secondly, it provides the capability for organising and co-ordinating the process monitoring system at your facility.  As over 1,000 devices can be connected through the local area network to one main PC.  A 1 Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor forms an integrated measurement unit.

Thirdly, the RL-M57 supports control of up to 24 different parameters.   The user can set abort and tolerance levels for each parameter.


Parameters available include:

Frequency range:  RMS of acceleration, velocity and displacement

Preset Time: Peak acceleration

Rotation Frequency & Harmonics: RMS or amplitude of acceleration, velocity or displacement

Full Spectrum: RMS and Amplitude Values


Specification of the Machinery Condition Monitoring System RL-M57



Sensor TypeIEPE (9V or 24V), Linear, 0-20mA
Voltage range±20 V
Number of input channels4
Number of digital inputs8
DC voltage analog input2
Measuring DC range±10 V



Number of Digital Outputs8



Frequency Range0.5 To 10,000 Hz
Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions162 x 115 x 61 mm
Power Supply24 (±20%) V
Default command / data interfaceEthernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Auxiliary command/data interfaceRS-485
Power Consumption<250mA


Finally for more information on the RL-M57 Machinery Condition Monitoring System, contact us.

machinery condition monitoring system RL-M57