Octal Serial 422/485 on PMC Socket PMC521

The PMC521 provides 8 asynchronous full duplex EIA/TIA-422B (supports EIA-485) serial ports with 64-Byte FIFO Buffers, interrupt support and programmable baud rate of up to 1.8432Mbps.

This high-density design lowers per port costs and saves PMC Carrier Card slots for other functions.

The Acromag PMC521 offers Octal serial 422/485 communication ports on a PMC Socket.

Firstly, the software quickly enables you to set up baud rates, character sizes, stop bits and parity. To allow more efficient data processing, each serial port contains 64-character FIFO buffers on the transmit and receive lines.

The data ports generate individually controlled transmit, receive, line status and data set interrupts. Plus, a global interrupt source register provides interrupt status indication for all eight channels to speed up interrupt parsing.

Features of the Octal Serial 422/485 Communication on PMC Socket PMC521 include:

  • Eight asynchronous, full duplex EIA/TIA-422B serial ports (supports EIA-485)
  • 64-byte transmit FIFO buffers
  • 64-byte receive FIFO buffers
  • Programmable baud rate (up to 1.8432Mbps)
  • Line-break and false start-bit detection
  • Failsafe receivers
  • Socketed termination and bias resistors
  • Industry-standard software-compatible 16C550 configuration registers
  • 0 to 70°C (PMC521-64) or -40 to 85°C (PMC521-64E)



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